Amazon has upgraded its Kindle app for iOS to version 3.9, including a function that enables users to search for book samples utilizing the app’s existing Collection Search device.

Rather than simply undergoing an individual’s library, the app now searches through Amazon’s entire catalog of books and brings up samples that can be downloaded directly within the app.

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Though users can download in-app book samples to check out, ebooks are still not able to be bought within the app. While the Kindle app utilized to consist of a link that directed individuals to the Kindle Store for purchases, Amazon was forced to eliminate the attribute two years ago when Apple implemented brand-new In-App subscription guidelines that barred links to third party web stores.

All Kindle investments are still required to be made outside of the Kindle app, however the availability of sample books is a welcome perk for regular Kindle users.

When a sample book has actually been reviewed, instead of directing users to the Amazon website to purchase guide, the app sends out an email with a link to the Kindle Store, allowing the business to skirt Apple’s regulations while directing traffic to the Amazon site. Amazon also advises similar books, offering a wishlist, another sample, or an email about the referral.
In addition to offering sample downloads, the newest variation of the Amazon app for iOS likewise allows customers to import and use previously purchased dictionaries and it includes an ease of access fast reference guide in addition to both vermin repairs and efficiency enhancements.
Kindle for iOS is a free of cost app that can be downloaded from the App Shop.