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Do not you simply wish to touch it?

Ultra Thin Case by Kubxlab
Category: Cases
Works With: iPhone 5
Price: $30

When I composed up the Kubxlab Ultra Thin iPhone Case a brief while back, I suched as the look of it but figured that it would be yet another iPhone shell case to add to my stack of prospective gifts (I am severe– if you see my house you won, t be permitted to leave without an iPhone or iPad case in your hands).

Then one arrived. Or rather three arrived, one in each color (dark, light and brown). I thoughtlessly ripped open the packaging, chose among the three (dark, I believe) and pressed it onto my naked iPhone 4, still warm from my damp front pocket.

And I was so stunned that I actually took down my coffee.

What Is Is

The case is made from a rear wood panel plus a plastic bumper, all in one piece. The wood back has the Kubxlab logo inset in metal, and there are specifically cut, individual holes for both volume switches, the mute switch, the camera and the power button. The bottom edge is protected only at the corners, leaving the jack, speaker and mic ready for the air.

The Good

Wood on wood.

The case fits like a glove. The plastic sides get onto the iPhone 5’s aluminum edges and don’t include a layer so much as adding a rundown. A handsome, translucent gray synopsis. And it’s thin. So thin that the buttons still extend out over the holes, meanings you can quickly discover the volume and mute buttons without looking– actually helpful for taking photos.

This is a case so light and thin that it’s ideal for people who hate putting cases on their iPhones

And the case is light, weighing in at simply 5 grams. Five! That’s 0.1754 ounces. To be more exact, it includes so little to the size and weight of the iPhone that it might also weigh zero grams.

In case I did not make it clear, this is a case so light and thin that it’s ideal for individuals who– like me– typically dislike putting cases on their iPhones.

It also feels excellent: you can scratch at the grain with your fingernails, or enjoy the hard-but-frictiony [1] plastic of the edges that makes the case feel secure in your hand. You can even run your fingers over the somewhat raised lettering of the metal logo design.

The Bad

There’s really nothing incorrect with the case at all, so I’ll explain some design choices that you must consider if you wish to buy this case. First, the edges end up completely flush with the display, with a bevelled edge. That is, there’s no protrusion to shield the screen if you put it face down on rough surface area.

Next, while you can select the color of the wood, you clearly cannot choose the grain. I don’t like any of the variations on the product page, but I do like the one I’ve actually been testing. You’ll simply have to keep your fingers crossed.

The Verdict

If this case were a prophylactic, it ‘d be an elegant fetherlite one, perhaps with a little ribbing or texture for your fingering enjoyment. The Kubxlab is light enough and thin enough that you’ll forget it exists, apart from the included grip and defense. And it likewise looks superb, specifically with the white iPhone. Recommended.