Automatic today sent an update email to consumers excitedly waiting for one of its Link connected vehicle systems, announcing that the public launch date of the item has actually been pushed back yet again.

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As we work to fulfill your pre-order, below’s an update. In short, we are making a lot of development to the general public launch of Automatic, however we are pushing back that date by simply a few weeks. Continue reading!

In the e-mail, Automatic says that despite shipping a variety of test systems to consumers who volunteered for a personal beta, production hold-ups have actually prevented them from shipping added devices to beta customers who’ve yet to receive a Link.

Unfortunately, we just recently experienced a manufacturing delay, which has temporarily affected our capability to deliver Links to Beta consumers. We are working around the clock (actually!) to take care of the problem and our hope is to ship to all staying Beta consumers by the end of the month.

Beta customers were initially supposed to receive both the Link and the accompanying app in mid-June, but the business now expects the remaining Links to deliver out by late August.

The Automatic Smart Driving Assistant can currently be preordered from the Automatic site for $69.95. Automatic declares that the Link and iPhone app will start delivering out to conventional clients in September and in the meantime, MacRumors has actually posted a hands-on take a look at the gadget and its accompanying app.
(Thanks, John!)