Earlier this week, an individual on China’s microblogging service Sina Weibo uploaded a pair of photos revealing exactly what many onlookers have concluded must be the rear layer of the iPhone 5S, despite the individual merely commenting ‘What’s this?’ alongside the photos.

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The photos were quickly picked up [Google translation] by Chinese site EXPreview, which combined them with specific claims about the specifications of the iPhone 5S, consisting of a graphics upgrade from the triple-core PowerVR SGX543MP3 to the quad-core SGX554MP4 discovered in the current-generation iPad, a boost in RAM to 2 GB, a 12-megapixel rear camera with dual-LED flash, support for faster LTE-Advanced data networks, NFC support, and a fingerprint reader.

The EXPreview report was soon cited by ExtremeTech, and has been gradually making its means around the report community prior to obtaining significant momentum today.

The first trouble is with the pictures themselves, which appear to really show a rear layer for an iPhone 5, not an iPhone 5S. The key point is the layout of the 3 main screw holes where the reasoning board connecteds to the bed of the shell. The design of these screw holes compares completely with the logic board of the iPhone 5, but is inconsistent with screw holes seen on iPhone 5S parts leaked so far.
iphone_5s_5_logic_board_screwsiPhone FIVES (left) and 5 (right) logic boards compared with major screw holes circled in red

The iPhone 5S logic board was first seen as an image leak of the bare board last month, revealing that the layout of the major screw holes has actually moved, with the most obvious difference being the bottommost hole moving to the severe lower left corner of the board instead of being more centered and set in a bit from all-time low of the board as seen on the iPhone 5. Our own leaked photos of an iPhone 5S prototype undoubtedly show a screw hole at the bottom left corner of the reasoning board.

As for the specifications, they appear to just be a summary of lots of previous reports and are extremely unlikely to be based on any particular info. Rumors of a 12-megapixel rear camera and LTE-Advanced support have actually emerged from other sources. Our photos of the prototype reveal the dual-LED flash next to the rear camera and negate EXPreview‘s claim of 2 GB of RAM, as part numbers on the device’s primary chip indicate it carrying 1 GB of Elpida DRAM. So while a few of the alleged specs might show to be accurate, we think the website’s claims to merely be a case of summarizing almost every possible rumor already floating around.