Add leaked photos to the growing list of evidence that the next generation iPad will take design cues from the iPad mini. Although schematics have actually currently been exposed revealing the kind aspect takes motivation from the iPad mini, back panels showing as much have actually been revealed by sources to FanaticFone.

silver ipad 5 leak

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The silver panel credited the upcoming iPad 5 has dimensions of 9.45 x 6.61 inches and a weight of 3.53 ounces, which means the part is lighter and smaller than the previous model. Other modifications that match the iPad 5 to the iPad mini consist of the two-part volume button and bottom speaker housing. It’s stated the iPad 5 will feature a smaller sized front bezel, another iPad mini attribute coming to the larger Apple tablet.

For good measure, FanaticFone also published photos of an iPad mini 2 silver back. When comparing the 2 parts side by side, they look extremely comparable except for the size. According to rumors, Apple is thinking about an iPad mini release in different colors, and could deliver an iPad 5 with a black metal back similar to the black iPhone 5.

silver ipad mini 2 leak

The iPad 5 can likewise showcase GF2 touch display innovation, which would make the new model 15 percent thinner and 25 percent lighter. Other reports continue to fly, such as a report that Apple is in the midst of testing a bigger, 12-inch iPad for future launch. The iPad 5 can be revealed by Apple in September, with a Retina screen iPad mini 2 striking shelves later this fall.