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Leica, once a camera producer that made excellent tools for photographers and now little even more than a dress shop fashion trend brand name catering to dentists, has actually simply played a fantastic little joke on the world. It’s called the X-Vario, and it proves that Leica think’s you are a sucker. Why? Because it’s a $3K compact.

The body is styled to look like Leica’s M cameras, which are indeed outstanding, however out of reach price-wise to real jobbing photographers ($10,000 without a lens). The camera itself might be quite amazing: It’s a 28-70mm equivalent zoom, plus real dials to readjust shatter speed and aperture (although the aperture dial is not really on the lens). It’s a huge, 920,000-dot LCD, and a huge APS-C sensor.

The issues are that a) the ƒ3.5 -6.4 lens is a joke and b) there’s no viewfinder. To turn your X-Vario into a camera that you can hold up to your eye will cost you an additional $500, or the price of a good camera.

The maximum aperture of ƒ3.5 won’t only make the camera rather poor in low-light circumstances, forcing you to pick a greater ISO or just brave camera shake from the sluggish shutter rate (made worse by not having a viewfinder and for that reason being able to steady the camera against your head), but it’ll preclude the lovely shallow depth-of-field cherished of the modern photographer who’s been starved of selective focus by even more than a decade of small sensors.

And ƒ6.4? It’s not even worth a remark.

This might all seem like nitpicking, however this is a 3 marvelous camera we are discussing right here. There’s no reason for not doing it effectively.

So, instead of buying this, I ‘d say you might prefer something by Fujifilm or Olympus. Maybe get a Micro Four Thirds or X-Series body and utilize the leftover money to take an image getaway. Or you might buy an adapter and use Leica’s genuinely outstanding M-Series lenses on a proper camera.