Leo's Fortune Review

May 5, 2014

There are plenty of charming platform games readily available for iOS, but Leo’s Fortune is a lot more than a common platformer. For starters, the game looks definitely gorgeous, despite being established by a small group, the game boasts a few of the most excellent 2D visuals we’ve actually ever seen. The environments look so lush, lively, and detailed they can arguably be called photorealistic, however truth seldom ever looks this good.

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Better yet, Leo’s Fortune offers superior gameplay to back up its impressive look. As Leopold– a roly-poly, mustachioed ball of fluff– you won’t have to battle any opponents, however you’ll need to use your leaping and drifting skills to make your means with even more than 20 phases of risky traps in an attempt to reclaim your taken gold. An enjoyable physics system is at the heart of the action, Leopold has a natural sense of weightlessness to him, which might be damaging in some games, but is made use of to excellent result right here, as you are able to easily glide up walls and maneuver around deadly challenges. When you enter a rhythm of careening up slopes and leaping from curve to curve, the result is extremely rewarding and gently similar to traditional Sonic the Hedgehog titles.

Buttery-smooth maneuverability is only part of what makes the levels so fun, however. The game boasts a substantial assortment of interesting hazards (including collapsing platforms, gusty winds, rotating blocks, rideable carts, and spinning spike-filled deathtraps) and brilliant physics-based puzzles. You’ll press particles to activate switches, use weights to balance out scales, and cause challenge unbalance so you can rise them to your next goal. It’s easy to fail– each level is home to countless bottomless pits and increased implements of doom– but a generous checkpoint system makes sure that the game nearly never ever ends up being irritating.

In addition, Leo’s Fortune offers one of the best, most receptive applications of MFi controller support we have run into up until now, and the touch interface is quite effective as well. Even the game’s weakest aspect– its tale– offers some quantity of appeal, and there are not any in-app purchases to detract from the enjoyable.

The bottom line. Leo’s Fortune looks incredible and plays equally well. iOS platformers don’t get much better than this.

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