Whether you are looking to begin running, or looking to run your fastest race ever, Gipis Running can deliver a strategy specifically for you. Just set your running goal and the app will handle it from there. Gipis will offer you with a training program to match your running experience (if suitable), your goals and your schedule.

Then all you’ve to do is … run! Log your runs making use of the app, upload your exercises then eliminate it out there on the track. That’s all there’s to it. Come on, click “more” and I’ll show you how everything works.

On Your Mark

As far as account setups go, Gipis Running’s takes a few more seconds than typical, however it’s not nearly enough to make you close out the app.

You are propelled to complete a brief survey, which includes providing details such as your height, weight, age, body fat and favorite sports/activities.

After providing some information about yourself, the app will ask you for a distance-based goal.

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After providing some details about yourself, the app will ask you for a distance-based objective.

That out of the method, you can get down to the business of setting your running objective. First, tell Gipis Running which you wish to run– 3K, 5K, 5 miles, 10K, 10 miles, a half marathon or a marathon. Next, inform the app which you recently ran. Note that the feedback “nothing” is an option if you’ll be a total newbie.

If you are not an overall beginner and instead picked the distance of among your recent runs, you must now provide the time (given in mins and seconds) in which you ran stated distance.

To create your program, the app will need to know what kind of a runner you already are, including if you do not run at all.

To produce your program, the app will should know exactly what kind of a runner you already are, even if you don’t run at all.

And lastly, you’ll let the app know which days you’re available for training– you’ll be asked to choose 2 to four days of the week for training. Gipis Running will then construct your training strategy with that schedule in mind. Simply puts, even if your running experience and objective factors stayed the exact same, the app would deliver a different training strategy for 2 training days weekly than state, 4.

Mark the days of the week you want to work out and Gipis will create your plan and display the end results you can expect.

Mark the days of the week you want to exercise and Gipis will develop your strategy and display completion outcomes you can anticipate.

Get Set

Your training plan consists of a “Building Up” stage at the very beginning. This is to establish a strong training base from which you can start working toward enhancement. In shorts, Gipis Running should make certain you can constantly compete a certain variety of minutes, or cover a specific variety of back-to-back miles, before it asks you to step up your game. The “Building Up” stage, while recommended, is optional, and you may decide to skip it if you are a longtime, confident runner.

The training plan overview displays your weeks vertically. Tap any workout to log that day's run.

The training strategy overview screens your weeks vertically. Tap any workout to log that day’s run.

Your strategy snapshot is displayed vertically and broken down for you according to Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and so on. The variety of total weeks will be identified by your current skill level, your objective, the number of exercise days you pick, and how quickly or slowly you make progress. It’s necessary to note that your training strategy adjusts to your progress and immediately updates whenever you track a run.


When it’s time for your workout, tap on the corresponding day and exercise to find out more, including the duration, distance and speed. You’ll likewise be provided with a description of the workout and what’s wished to be attained. Then, just tap Go Workout and begin running. Naturally, to obtain the most out of the app, you’ll have to hold or wear your iPhone someplace on your individual while you run, you’ll also need to granted sharing your area with Gipis Running so it can chart the distance you have covered.

As you run, the app will provide you with some audio hints to offer you some concept of whether you’ve to gain ground or decrease to adhere to your training strategy. I used the app while running outdoors as well as running indoors on a treadmill to really put the cues to the test, and by doing the latter found that the audio cues weren’t as exact as I’d actually hoped they’d be. For example, I’d set a quicker rate on the treadmill, but rather of telling me to reduce, the app informed me to speed up. The opposite occurred a couple of times as well.

Completed workouts receive checkmarks. Tap on any workout for a description and minute-by-minute breakdown.

Completed workouts get checkmarks. Tap on any exercise for a description and minute-by-minute breakdown.

When finished, tap Pause or Stop and then publish your exercise to your Gipis account. The details of your run are conserved, including a map of the distance you covered, your duration, your rate and energy utilized. You can see these details at any time by tapping on the workout on your training strategy. Completed exercises will showcase green checkmarks beside them.

If you are into sharing your training plans, workouts and stats, you can do so via Facebook, Twitter and email.


The workouts I completed with the app fell to 40 minutes long and I discovered the app didn’t drain my battery life considerably.

I like the convenience of choosing which days of the week I exercise, and it’s nice that the app will permit me to comprise a missed out on day if something unanticipated comes up and I can’t take the time for a run.

One of the best aspects of Gipis Running is it simply informs you which to do, so you don’t necessarily have to stress over things like limit speed, heart rate, optimum oxygen usage and various other advanced terms, you just need to follow the directions the app offers. But, if you are a seasoned runner who wishes to pay more attention to those things, you can take your time discovering how you’re advancing in each of those groups.

My most significant beef with the app is that the audio hints were less than reputable. I depended more on my own personal monitor to take note of my pace. And thinking about that the speed at which you run is kind of the foundation for all the exercises, this concern will need enhancement. On the other hand, if you approach the exercises more casually and are simply trying to find a training plan that’ll hold you liable to making time to run, Gipis Running is simple to utilize and incredibly adjustable.