One week after the Economic Daily News reported that the iPad mini 2 would be put off until 2014, the DigiTimes declares LG will ‘ship about 2-3 million’ Retina panels a month in preparation for Apple’s next-generation iPad mini launch in October. The DigiTimes also reports that LG is prepared to ship ‘2.5-3 million 9.7-inch panels a month for the iPad in the third quarter of 2013.’

iPad mini with Retina Display

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Several sources, consisting of Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, case otherwise, pointing out manufacturing concerns with the supply chain as the reason for Apple’s hold-up. The Economic Daily News formerly reported that low yields of second-generation iPad mini Retina screens have actually triggered Apple to push back the tablet us release to 2014. The outlet likewise recommended that Apple might release an updated and more affodable non-Retina version of the iPad mini for the 2013 holiday buying season. However, everybody appears to agree Apple will release a new 9.7-inch iPad in 2013.

The DigiTime’s sector sources also added that the next-generation iPad will include 2048×1536 resolution, be thinner and lighter, and will just be geared up with ‘one light tube in its backlight instead of two.’ This proves with previous reports that claimed the fifth-generation iPad will feature more a iPad mini-like design.