I love films. In fact, I utilized to write about films all the time on my individual website before that writing began landing me freelance work. As a single male and an aspiring film writer, I love films so much that I am virtually dating my film collection. (Note to self: That could clarify why I am single. I must check out that.)

My issue is that my movie viewing has always been inherently separating. I often enjoy movies alone because the majority of individuals I know do not share my taste: I enjoy unseen gems like Brian de Palma’s Blow Out more each viewing, but I could skip films like Pain and Gain entirely (and do). It’s difficult for me to discover individuals with comparable taste, however Limelight has a solution: it’s making my movie enjoying social.

Browsing Movies

Limelight has really few obstacles to entry. You do not create a profile or fill in a bio. All you need is a username, which you can share by means of email, URL or social networks like Twitter and facebook. After that, it’s everything about informing individuals exactly what you see and following other individuals’s seeing routines.

You can browse movies by Popularity and Rating as well.

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You can search films by Popularity and Rating as well.

You can browse movies by category or popularity, or you can browse other individuals’ collections (the app does suggest a couple of if you are not sure where to begin). You can also search for movies particularly. The movie library comes mostly from Themoviedb.org, which is a community-powered service. So if you tap on a movie to view more info, you are presented with cast, team, trailers and individual ratings directly from that site. And any rating you provide a movie in the app contributes not just to ordinary scores across however Spotlight, however likewise back to Themoviedb.org.

If you add an unreleased film to your watch listing, Limelight will send you a notification the day prior to its release.

Fresh or Rotten?

Movies exist in racks, not unlike iBooks or Newsstand. Tapping on them exposes a lovely little user interface filled with tons of info about the films. Rotten Tomatoes scores are present together with user ratings, however the developer tells me their rigid API just allows him 10,000 calls to their website a day. By night, I usually discover that those calls have actually been used up by users and then the Rotten Tomatoes score is no longer visible. The developer is trying to find an alternative option to the trouble.

The app only gets access to Rotten Tomatoes so many times in a day.

The app just gets access to Rotten Tomatoes many times in a day.

Visually however, the app is a gorgeous condition. It’s easy and fun to make use of. The user interface is wonderful. It’s a fresh and dynamically interesting way to look into movies you want to see and share your motion picture viewing habits with buddies. If you want to see a movie, you can add it to your in-app watch listing. If you’ve actually seen a film, just provide it a rating and let the world understand what you think.

Seen It? The Social Movie Game

After you rate a film, your followers are alerted of your score. If someone you follow rates a movie, you are notified of their rating. The concept is simple: if you both just recently saw Iron Man 3 and you liked it but your buddy Gene disliked it, now have something to discuss that you may have otherwise missed out on.

Any time somebody you follow rates a movie, you'll see a notification like this.

Any time someone you follow rates a film, you’ll see a notification like this.

Recently, I saw Star Trek Into Darkness with a friend. We both utilize the app, and when we went out of the cinema, she discussed how much she took pleasure in the film– I think she liked it even more than I did. When I rated it, I offered it four stars. When she ranked it, she gave it 2 and a half. Not just that, but according to her watch listing, she has not already seen Life of Pi! So not only did I send her a message about her Star Trek rating, however now I am subtly discussing I have got Life of Pi on Blu-ray and she needs to check it out.

If you get the app and you are trying to find someone to follow, my username is nathansnelgrove and I’ll follow back.

Of course, I stay on par with a few individuals on Limelight that I’ve no idea in real life. Normally, we’ve similar taste. I follow the developer of the app, who provided The Hangover: Part III one star from 5. I know, based upon our somewhat similar taste, that I must most likely prevent it. (Oliver, if you are reading this, thank you for conserving me $12.)

The Nitty Gritty Details

Limelight gets a great deal of really small details right. There are no individual assesses, only star ratings. This makes it simple to stay on par with individuals you follow and urges real discussion. The user interface makes it as basic and instinctive as feasible to in fact find movies you may be interested in seeing.

I totally saw this. I thought it was good.

I totally saw this. I thought it was excellent.

Smartly, tapping on a film reveals a plot summary, a small smattering of trailers and the Rotten Tomatoes consensus about the film. Generally, this is everything you’ll have to figure out if you like seeing a movie or not. You can swipe to the left to view actors and crew, and tapping on an actors member raises his or her bio and filmography.

Cast and crew notes are included in the app, as well as a selection of similar movies.

Cast and team notes are consisted of in the app, in addition to a selection of comparable films.

There are a couple curious little information missing out on that I want existed. If I am looking at an actor (or director’s) filmography, it’s presented alphabetically rather of by year. I ‘d like to see their most recent work first and their earliest work at all-time low (not unlike IMDB).

These are the movies Limelight thinks is similar to Star Trek Into Darkness.

These are the films Spotlight thinks resembles Star Trek Into Darkness.

I ‘d likewise like the capacity to look for motion pictures by supervisor or actor. The number of times has a friend said to you, ‘Have you seen the most recent movie from Matt Damon?’ I do not know. I don’t have a title, and I cannot discover it by searching for Matt Damon in Spotlight.

Go Ahead. Make My Popcorn.

I’ve actually seen a disturbing trend with movie-watching becoming a more solitary condition. Thanks to home theaters and Netflix, I find myself watching films alone a lot more commonly than I made use of to. That being said, Limelight proves to be an invaluable service to me. It’s a fantastic method to keep up with my friends’ watching routines and find movies some of us haven’t seen yet to enjoy together, and it’s likewise an excellent method to clear that listing of movies they keep suggesting to me out of my Wunderlist queue. Limelight has actually quickly become my preferred movie-related app on my iPhone, and I’ve actually got a lot of them. I couldn’t advise it more highly.