Live: It's WWDC 2014 day! Join us for our liveblog

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Ahh, the scent of OS updates is in the air! Should be WWDC 2014 day, the day when Apple makes all our dreams become a reality by changing the font style on the Calendar app somewhat and trying to make us all register to bigger iCloud accounts.

That’s right, it’s keynote time: and what’re we anticipating to learn through Apple today? We will be truthful, it’s a mixed bag.

Spoiler alert

After the retail updates that nobody appreciates and the pointer that Quite A Great deal of Individuals now use iPhones, Tim Cook and co will most likely reveal some upgraded Macs and MacBooks and a brand-new version of OS X Mavericks called after another California surf spot.

Then, after extensively running through the minutiae of that, we will read about iOS 8 and its Healthbook app. There’ll be some vague hints about exactly what the iPhone 6 will can, however it’s very unlikely that Apple will really reveal a new iPhone today.

Then come the wildcards: could Tim Cook finally let’s in on the cosmic joke that’s the iWatch? Will he announce a Net Of Things friendly standard for the iHome so you can manage your future refrigerators with your iPhone?

Will Dre come out and drop Still D.R.E. with Eddy Hint substituting Snoop?

There’s no way to understand till the whole shebang kicks off. So join us here for our liveblog at 6pm BST / 10am Pacific / 1am June 3 Australian Eastern time – or participate the enjoyable over on Twitter.