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Looks smallish, holds a lot: Lowepro’s Event Messenger 150.

Gadgets! Camera bag crafters understand that, nowadays, if you are carrying picture things, you are most likely likewise bringing some kind of computer system, and other electronic knick-knacks, along for the trip.

Lowepro Event Messenger 150 by Lowepro
Category: Backpacks
Works With: DSLRs, lenses, iPads
Price: $70

A lot of bags concede that means a small Macbook Pro or Air will need a lift, however Lowepro’s Occasion Messenger 150 bag understands real technorati walk with only the essentials: a lens or two, a camera body, and an iPad. So that’s what the sleek-looking Occasion Messenger 150 (EM 150) was built to transfer. I took it for a spin to see how it carries out.

What It Does

The metropolitan photog holds more than lenses and a camera body around the mean roads, Lowepro’s Event Messenger does too, with area for 2 lenses, up to a full-frame camera body with medium or brief tele affixed, your full-size iPad, and naturally, the usual stockpile of smaller sized products, like memory cards, batteries, and so forth.
Being coy is likewise part of the strategy. The EV 150 is expected to appear like a typical bag, not a camera bag, because, really, unless you are on an industrial shoot, you may not care to trumpet you are carrying a sack of extremely salable products.

In Use

At initially I seemed like the EM 150 was constructed on the thin side, but after using it a while, it occurred to me that, for what its planned use is, its construct is just high quality. I likewise valued that bag’s weight, which is noticeably less than various other bags of a similar size. Typically camera bags themselves add excessive weight to the mix, however the Occasion Messenger offers a great balance.

Foldable flaps serve and secure.

I was also excited with simply the amount of the EM 150 can comfortably hold. It looks small, but due to the fact that of its clever layout, it in fact stomached 2 medium-sized lenses and my complete frame Canon with connected 24-70 lens. Lowepro’s foldable compartment walls are exactly what make it possible. 2 of cushioned walls fold over the tops of saved lenses in the bag, which, besides offering ample security for the glass, also offers a DSLR a best perch to rest upon. A great deal of smaller sized bags try this organizational feat, few do it well.

It looked as though the pressure could break my iPad’s display if the bag fell or hustled excessive.

A well-padded sleeve for a full-size iPad provides either your mini or bigger iDevice a good house, however beware if your camera is the huge kind. I found the top of my Canon pressed against the iPad compartment a lot, it looked as though the pressure can break my iPad’s screen if the bag fell or hustled excessive. A smaller camera would likely not trigger this problem, however as it were, I flipped my iTab so its aluminum backside was taking the force of my camera’s pokes and prods.

The full frontal view.

A shoulder pad with a bit more padding would likewise be a welcome touch. The bag is comfortable when gently packed, however stuffed full, the Event Messenger could produce a wound neck and shoulder, especially after a long day of use.

I do significantly fancy the EV 150 downplayed excellent appearances, nevertheless. With simply a smidgen of red on black, the bag looks excellent, while likewise not yelling HEY CRIMINALS I’ve actually GOT CAMERA GEAR. Lowepro created the bag to be discrete because way, even constructing in velco silencers in the front flap so it can be opened discreetly when the scenario demands.