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Right after cutting a track, fading out on a clip is one of one of the most common things you’ll wish to perform in GarageBand for Mac. The process seems a little challenging in the beginning– it entails an attribute confusingly called Automation– yet after reading our instructions, it’ll be an item of cake.

First, click the Show/Hide Automation switch, which is accentuated with two connected dots and resides under the rewind button at the top of the window. Doing this creates Automation buttons to appear next to the master quantity control for each track.

Next, select a clip and a horizontal yellow line will show up across it– this line stands for quantity. Click anywhere on it to create a dot that can be used to drag the line up or down, louder or quieter. Produce more dots and drag them to shape the line as you choose, developing spikes as well as dips in audio.

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To discolor out, merely position one dot at the factor you ‘d such as to begin the discolor, and a 2nd dot where you would certainly such as the clip to come to be completely soundless. The quantity of space you leave between the two dots determines for how long the audio will certainly require to fade away.

And that’s it! Now you could end up a track with a stylish fade to silence, or adjust the Automation line to silent parts of the sound while inflating others. This technique also assists when podcasting, to aid hide irritating little bits of background noise or make a mumbled word more noticeable. Go crazy!