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Got an Apple, Mac or iOS technology concern? We have the answer. This time around we have a viewers whose playlists all of a sudden do not look the way they utilized to after upgrading to the most recent revision of iTunes 12. It’s not a bug, it’s an option! But if you do not such as the makeover, don’t worry – you can transform it back. Plus we’ve got other insight for making iTunes playlists look the means you want them to.


Some changes just recently happened with my Mac’s iTunes music collection when I upgraded. Usually my playlists show a list of all the tracks, in addition to details like the artist, my score, last time I played it, as well as variety of plays. Currently some (yet not all) of my albums and also playlists rather reveal the year of launch and also specific fine art but not other info. Exists a way to alter them back or make them all the same?


iTunes 12 presented a new view for playlists, and also lots of people really like it, however for individuals that are utilized to the aged method, it can be very irritating. Thankfully, you can switch over between the different designs, and it’s fairly very easy (albeit a little bit of a concealed setup).

To modification this setting, execute the following:

1. Select the playlist you intend to change the appearance of.

2. In the choice bar (here the search box in the upper right), you’ll see a drop-down that claims something such as ‘Playlist’ or ‘Tunes.’

3. Pick ‘Playlist’ for the brand-new view or ‘Tunes’ for the aged view. If you’re deciding on ‘Tunes,’ uncheck ‘Program Artwork’ if formerly checked.


The drop-down lets you pick other views as well, plus it enables you pick exactly what details is revealed in the ‘Tracks’ sight (just select the ‘Show Columns’ drop-down). Furthermore, when in Songs watch, you could press Command + B to bring up the browser to filter with the various genres, artists, as well as cds included in the playlist. Note that you will certainly have to adjust the checking out style on each playlist manually, nevertheless, because there’s not a change-all option.

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