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Launchpad – a built-in function of OS X for Mac – is a way to effortlessly organize, handle and access your apps in a fashion just like that discovered on iOS. If you make use of Launchpad a great deal, however, it could become unpleasant and also chaotic if, as an example, you have actually produced also several folders or forgotten where you stored certain applications. When Launchpad becomes a little as well topsy-turvy, you can utilize this quick trick to reset the layout of Launchpad to its default settings, as if you re-installed OS X.

To do so, open up the Incurable app (located in Applications/Utilities), and after that type the complying with command:

defaults create ResetLaunchPad -bool real, killall Dock


When you enter this command (followed by the return trick on your keyboard) then relaunch Launchpad, you’ll see that the layout has actually been restored to the original defaults: Apple applications on the first screen, then third-party apps on the second screen forward. Your personalized folders will certainly be gone as well when you do this.

Note that this will not remove your applications from Launchpad. It will just reset to the initial folder structure as well as eliminate your custom folders for app organization.

You can now opt to maintain Launchpad as a fresh start, or you could rearrange it to your taste, positioning applications within folders as well as on different displays by clicking and holding on an application symbol up until the icons begin shaking – just like how you arrange apps within iOS.