Every week we’ll bring you a how-to quick guide to do something fast and also great with Mac OS X. Often it will be a tutorial on a lesser-known function, other times it’ll be a method that makes use of built-in capability such as Terminal, yet regardless, these straightforward pointers could make life more and also easier, and also they don’t call for any sort of unique expertise. All you require to do is follow the instructions!

Sometimes it’s useful to have a listing of all the applications mounted on your Mac. If you require to cleanly re-install OS X, and also after that add your applications and information back afterward to make the Mac run much faster, it’s much easier to have a listing than to rely on your memory. In this short article, we’ll reveal you ways to quickly make a listing of the applications that are set up on your Mac for backup purposes.

To start, we’ll open the Incurable (situated in/ Applications/Utilities), and after that type the complying with command (all on one line):

find/ Applications -course ‘* Contents/ _ MASReceipt/receipt’ -maxdepth 4 -print| sed’s #. app/Contents/ _ MASReceipt/receipt #. application #g, s #/ Applications/ ##’

This command will locate as well as specify every one of the documents matching the name finishing in ‘. application’ on your Mac that have actually been downloaded from the Mac App Store.


If you desire to conserve this list to a text data for printing or other functions, after that kind the adhering to command (all on one line) rather:

find/ Applications -course ‘* Components/ _ MASReceipt/receipt’ -maxdepth 4 -print| sed’s #. app/Contents/ _ MASReceipt/receipt #. application #g, s #/ Applications/ ##’ >/ Desktop/apps. txt

This command will create a data called ‘apps.txt’ on your Desktop computer listing all the applications on your Mac that have been bought from the Mac App Establishment, enabling you to utilize it for any type of purpose you could have.