MacFormat: I'm finding it hard to care about Windows 10, apple

I haven’t constantly been this jaded. I bear in mind well my parents’ look of benign confusion when I would point excitedly at the household Mac and direct their focus on how in Mac OS 8.5 the names of files and folders on the desktop were now on a semi-transparent background rather of being on a strong white rectangular shape. I think they were delighted I was thrilled about something, and that the important things I was excited about was legal and didn’t hurt anything besides my possibilities with the cool kids, but they clearly didn’t ascribe the same significance to these nuances as I did.

And now, that’s me. The issue, as far as OS X is worried, is that the OS as it stands has actually been pretty much finished for 5 years. Do not get me wrong, the annual revision of OS X has actually added new features and improved the core OS in great deals of useful tools. But just a fool would suggest that the rate with which major brand-new functions are included hasn’t slowed given that OS X was introduced, as Apple completes the holes to make it a rich and robust modern-day operating system.

I’m not stating there isn’t really space for development: Handoff in Yosemite and iOS 8 is an extremely smart feature that both merges and keeps completely unique Apple’s desktop and mobile os. However such big jumps seem to be getting rarer.

So that’s why I’m not holding on every nuance and function bullet point of OS X. But Windows? Oh, Windows!

There was 95, which everybody loved. There was XP, which everybody enjoyed. Then there was Vista, which everyone hated. (In fact, I fairly liked it. At least, I thought Aero was glossy and impressive.) Then Windows 7 which everybody said dealt with Vista. Then 8 which couldn’t decide if it was for tablets or laptop computers, and whatever you say you cannot have both.

8.1 was a bit more Windows 7-y, and afterwards 9. No, wait, not nine. Windows 10. And 10 is basically 8.1 with Metro bolted to the Beginning Menu. I decline to stop calling it Metro, not unlike a dreadful old racist who insists they can not remember exactly what you’re expected to call Rhodesia nowadays.

The current history of Windows appears to be to innovate far from XP (which everyone loved) and then attempt to fix the outcome next time around by making it work a bit more like XP once more after people inform them their development is less welcome than Ballmer in a Trappist abbey.

And I’m just bored of it.

There are, I understand, individuals who utilize Windows by choice. And I imply real individuals when I say that, not IT procurement executives. Real, genuine people who look thoroughly at OS X, the various Linux distros, even Chrome OS (on which I’m typing this, incidentally) and state no, for me, Windows is the thing. A few of them even don’t say ‘Well I really want a Mac but my work/school utilizes PCs so I ‘d better purchase one of those.’ They picked it due to the fact that they like it.

But to me Windows simply appears so extremely unimportant to life nowadays. I mean the front end of modern-day life – I’m well aware that lots of facilities depends on it (ATMs still mainly run Windows XP, for example), which is as valuable as it is bloody scary. But when it pertains to the laptop you type on or the console you video game on, Windows simply appears more exhausted, old, baffled and unimportant than me at a One Direction concert.