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Urbanears Hellas Bluetooth cleanable headphones

You can not defeat the sound top quality (or convenience) of a good set of on-ear cordless headphones, but exercising with the majority of sets can be a workout in moisture management with a side of stink-appeal.

These new Hellas earphones from Urbanears solve that issue with a detachable, machine-washable headband and ear cup. You simply carry out the mesh-covered little bits, toss them in the supplied net washing bag, and drop them in your washing device. You’ll never have to handle stinky, perspiring earphones again.

What’s more, these earphones have touch controls built right into the exterior of the best ear cup, letting me touch the center to play or stop my songs (or grab a telephone call with the integrated microphone), swipe up or to transform volume, or swipe right or delegated avoid tracks. This sounds excellent in concept, but I wound up changing tracks and also stopping the music too frequently when I went to readjust the earphones while on the treadmill or in the coffee shop.

They’re very cool-looking, however, with red, black, blue, and white plastic as well as cable structures that match the material net that covers the padded ear cushions and also headband. Breaking the last 2 off to wash is straightforward, they won’t fall off when I don’t want them to, either.

Washable and lightweight for easy workouts

The Hellas headphones are light-weight, as well, that makes them terrific for putting on around the fitness center. They’re not too limited, either, and also they remain on my head in many positions, so I can be certain they will not fall off when I do those inverted sit-ups. The pillow net is a little scratchy, though, which might trouble some people who have vulnerable ears. I obtained made use of to the feel after a couple of minutes.

I could bill these earphones up with the matching micro-USB cable, as well as they fold up into a fitness center bag-friendly size (or that minimalist backpack) so I could stash them when needed. The noise is excellent, also, with a complete dynamic variety that has exactly enough low-end to please bass followers and also enough high-end without sounding vulnerable or tinny, many thanks to the 60-ohm, 40mm handmade speaker drivers that could take care of approximately 98 decibels without distortion.

Truly, if you’re tired of sweaty, gross headsets or painful earbuds while you’re working out, you owe it to attempt these washable, wireless headsets that will certainly maintain you working out without cables. They sound terrific, festinate, as well as do not have any type of cords to entangle you up when you’re on the weight device. Or, you recognize, the pommel horse.

The Urbanears Hellas Bluetooth machine-washable earphones will run you $120 on Amazon.com or $119 on the Urbanears web site itself.