The various other evening, I couldn’t choose in between visiting the fitness center or seeing a motion picture (I live an awfully interesting life). Normally, my first thought was that I must ask the Net. I have attempted this on my liked social networks before, however I never get the easy responses that I want. What I actually need is a basic yes or no.

Not surprisingly, there’s a couple of apps for that. I have tried a couple, but also one of my favorites has become Seesaw, an app that combines light social networking with making surveys and getting answers to life’s most complicated questions (such as, ‘Which shirt should I wear tonight?’). Want to know if Seesaw is for you? Keep reading.

Seesawing Up and Down

To assist me with my problem in between being healthy or gouging on extra-buttery snacks throughout Fast and Furious 6, I launched Seesaw and established a poll asking exactly what I need to do. I utilized the app’s Pinterest search functionality to find a picture from a health club and a picture of a cinema, and made use of a hashtag to ask the popular # whatshouldido question. I wound up visiting the health club, and the bulk vote ended up agreeing with that choice. (I also felt healthy, so that worked out, if you’ll pardon the pun.)

Setting up a poll is not hard.

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Setting up a poll is not hard.

What happily surprised me about my experiences with Seesaw was how easy it’s to use. You use photos to ask a question, but also you don’t should use even more than one (although you can have up to 4). If you wish to vote on a survey, you simply need to tap on an image and you’ll cast your vote on whichever choice the photo is connected with.

Tell Your Friends

The app includes its own built-in social network of sorts as well. Users can follow you and you can follow them and receive a notice whenever they ask a brand-new concern. You can likewise point out others in your polls if you are searching for their viewpoint specifically.

You can create your own profile, including a bio.

You can produce your own profile, including a bio.

And like numerous other social networks, you can set up your very own profile with your very own bio and site. You can link various other major social networks to your Seesaw profile if you wish to quickly share a poll you just made with your friends or your broader Twitter audience. You can also send your polls as a message. The point is to guarantee that every one of your buddies can vote without using the app and even an iPhone to do it.

Making Indecisiveness Chiq

Seesaw is a truly well-designed app. Its biggest competitor, Polar, which we have evaluated in the past, feels a couple of worlds behind in regards to visual aesthetics. Seesaw’s interface is one-of-a-kind and vibrant, and it’s fun to enjoy with. I did not feel the exact same sense of happiness when I was making use of Polar.

It does not get much more cut-and-dry than this (admittedly, Seesaw's users could be biased).

It does not get a lot more cut-and-dry than this (unquestionably, Seesaw’s users might be biased).

Seesaw is user-friendly, but also at the same time, very effective. There’s a great deal of functionality in the app. That being said, what I really like is that it feels contemporary. Nobody’s visiting call Seesaw beautiful, but its functionality is covered with gloss.

The app does not adhere specifically to all of Apple’s design standards, however it significantly avoids feeling cluttered. The major distinction between Seesaw and rivals such as Polar is that Seesaw simply provides even more choices. You can make your surveys larger with more images, hashtag them as well as label your pals similar to you’d on Twitter.

Seesaw allows you to include four images in a single poll.

Seesaw allows you to include four images in a single poll.

And the contrast to Polar does should be made, due to the fact that Polar is as clean as a whistle. But Seesaw has a more modern-day aesthetic that feels warmer, likely thanks to its color scheme.

Nothing’s Perfect

That being said, even a contemporary design doesn’t conserve an app from other imperfections. Undoubtedly, a feature I actually missed in Polar is the capacity to skip surveys I hadn’t been interested in with the tap of a button. I can scroll previous them in Seesaw, but in Polar I could conceal them indefinitely.

The notifications should be discussed too. There are many of them in Seesaw. For a few hours recently, my phone was whiring every minute or more to tell me that somebody had actually voted on a survey I’d produced. There’s a great deal of people voting on Seesaw, so I am uncertain how much sense it makes to be informed whenever another vote lands on your surveys. The notice setups are a little stashed in the app (the leading left of the Task Center), but once I discovered them, I turned many of them off.

This list could end up being the death of you.

This list could end up being the death of you.

Finally, I am unsure that Pinterest is the very best place to go for image searches. I have not had too much difficulty finding what I am trying to find, but also a plain Google image search would likely be more powerful and improve results. With Pinterest, I find I’ve to be far more specific with my search terms than I do with Google.

I ‘d likewise like to see the app feel more personal. This really comes down to the app’s showcased curation. Included surveys (in the Explore area) are often fulled of fashion-related posts, which to me suggests the app is either more popular with women than it’s with guys, or it’s a sounding board for a great deal of companies to test the marketplace practicality of their products. (And even if it’s not, the reality that I am suspicious means there’s something wrong.) My recommendation is just more different curation. I do not such as the design as much, however I seem like Polar often had more consistently intriguing polls for my taste.

Making a Decision

I think that Seesaw has a truly clever design. I like utilizing the app more than I like using Polar, but I seem like I am alone here. Nobody I understand on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram make use of the app, and I feel like I am the lone male asking about visiting the fitness center in a sea of females asking exactly what shirt they should wear when they go out (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Today, the app is just providing for a particular audience and I don’t think I am a part of it.

I ‘d like to see more users on Seesaw and I ‘d enjoy to communicate with people I know there, but also for now, some individuals will be much better off with a contending app. Both Polar and Seesaw are complimentary, and at the end of the day, I ‘d still advise attempting both before deciding.