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You understand exactly what’s fantastic? Magnets. You know exactly what’s equally wonderful? Filtered pictures. Which makes this little DIY job – making use of both magnets and homemade filters – double excellent, right? Right people?

If you’ve one of those hard-to-align magnetic accessory lenses for your iPhone, go grab it now. I’l wait. Now, blow the dust off then look for one of the extra adhesive rings which was available in the bag. Attempt to forget how long it took you to scrub off the sticky residue the last time you did this, and stick it in location. Curse yourself for being too cheap to purchase that Olloclip.

Now line it up properly. Done? Great. On to step 2. Go get hold of some old negatives from the shoebox at the back of the closet. Do not have any movie? It doesn’t matter. See-through colored candy wrappers will do, or any colored cellophane. Negatives are best, however, as you can either pick the orangey lead-in part which has no image, or you can utilize a real (not to thick please) picture neg.

Now, cut to size (or not – it does not matter) and put the colored sheet in between the lens and cam prior to letting the magnet stick. You are done! Immediate, analog Instagram filters with live preview at complete resolution.

Now, if you are feeling really ricky, you can integrate this with colored flash/LED lighting to produce some very strange impacts. Experiment: Will, for instance, a red filter on the flash render things it lights as black when shot with a green filter? I DO N’T KNOW. BUT I CAN DISCOVER. It’s gonna be fun!