Today, individuals of any ages can discover to code remarkable applications for our precious iPhones. Veeral Patel can attest to this statement.

Though he’s simply a high school pupil, Veeral has revealed that he too can play at the exact same level of the grownups in the app sector with his current release of Owl, a day-to-day truths application I assessed not too far back. Just recently, I’d the chance to talk with Veeral about his experience as a student developer, his experiences at this year’s WWDC and exactly what we can expect from him in the near future. Enjoy.

So will you tell us a bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in Bergenfield, New Jersey, and I just completed 10th grade at the community high school there. It’s really near to New York City and that’s really cool because there are a lot of tech start-ups opening there, and it’s obtaining tourist attraction as resembling Silicon Valley.

Veeral Patel in San Francisco.

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Veeral Patel in San Francisco.

When did you begin coding and how did you pick it up?

I simply got involved in programming last summer season. I downloaded this app called Codea — it was on the iPad for about $10. It was probably the very best $10 I’ve actually ever before invested on an app. Codea introduced me to establishing for iOS due to the fact that I hadn’t seen code, I hadn’t set before then. Codea was a good introduction since it was really user-friendly. You can touch the display, pick colors, images and stuff like that. I messed around in there, and I truly got into it by looking at the tutorials they have. I made a couple apps there, and I moved them into Xcode files. They are called Flood+ and Gravity Drop.

Veeral used Codea to code his early apps, one of which was Flood+, pictured on the right.

Veeral made use of Codea to code his early apps, one of which was Flood+, visualized on the right.

In September, I got involved in using Xcode more, since there are certainly some limitations to shows on your iPad. It was much various than Codea. I discovered the best means I discover is by looking at someone else’s code. I constantly enter into Github to look at some various other tasks. Tutorials are constantly great, but they are not as interesting since I did not develop it from scratch.

What inspired you to establish Owl, your latest app?

You understand how a great deal of individuals consume coffee and tea to keep them awake? Well I consume Snapple, and the Snapple glass bottle caps have the realities beneath them. I made use of to drink them every day. I thought it was actually cool discovering brand-new things every day, however I was losing so much cash purchasing Snapple bottles every day, so I just thought that perhaps I should create an app to recreate this. That’s what I did with Owl. I went on Reddit all the time, so I got my realities from the Today I Found out subreddit, which is quite popular.

Owl, Veeral's latest app, brings you quality facts daily for free.

Owl, Veeral’s latest app, brings you quality truths daily free of cost.

You pointed out that you never established in an app totally in Xcode prior to Owl. Were there any difficulties in coding Owl as a result of this?

I started working with Owl in the middle of January. Xcode was rather new to me considering that it’s a lot various than Codea. I needed to seek out things on where to save all of the facts because I did not desire all the truths to be on the app– in the app resources– because I could never ever update them, or I’d need to make the users update them every year, which would be actually inconvenient. So I searched for methods on ways to do push alerts and all of that kind of stuff. I found this website called Parse. I discovered lots of stuff from there.

You just recently went to WWDC on a Student Scholarship. Can you inform us a little about your experiences there?

I had not heard about the pupil scholarship before, but I tweeted out something about Owl, and some of my friends informed me to finish up Owl early so I could get the student scholarship. I did not understand exactly what it was, so I looked it up, and saw what individuals needed to perform in previous years– I suggest, it’s only been going on for, like, a year– and I suspect for the 2012 WWDC they needed to blog about themselves. This year’s was different since part of the application procedure was to make an app about yourself.

Veeral (far right) at this year's WWDC keynote.

Veeral (far right) at this year’s WWDC keynote.

I was surprised I got selected because basically all I did was take the whole template from Owl– the entire design, the tableview, the scrolling. I made it kind of like a timeline: the first thing would be, ‘Hi there, I am Veeral Patel,’ and I’d go onto state I made this app on this day. You’d scroll and click stuff, there were some displays where you can swipe with to see screenshots. It was certainly a difficulty because Apple only gave us about a week to do it.

At the conference, I thought it was outstanding to see all the brand-new stuff getting released like all the new tech and being there in general, in the environment. Everybody comes together from all around the country. It was cool to comply with some of the developers that also like doing exactly what you do. On the first day I lined up at 3AM for the 10AM Keynote, and I got truly good seats. I can see myself in the Keynote video so that was rather incredible.

Jay Freeman, the developer of Cydia, is just one of the many developers Veeral met during this year's conference.

Jay Freeman, the developer of Cydia, is just some of the lots of developers Veeral fulfilled throughout this year’s conference.

The remainder of the days were really cool because all you did was go to sessions, labs, relax, they’d a pupil lounge for all of the pupils. I visited a couple sessions with my pals. I actually suched as the ones on user interfaces. They pointed out the same thing all the time, but it was actually fascinating to see the thought procedure that went into iOS 7, like a few of the under-the-hood things that entered into it. There was an additional one that went over multi-peer connection, so it took care of linking to phones around you and the discovery of phones that I thought was truly cool. I’ll most likely get the scholarship once again next year. It was absolutely a spectacular experience.

What’s it like being a student app developer?

It’s certainly hard to stabilize developing with schoolwork. When I was working with my app for the WWDC application, I’d sketch out how I desired my app to be and icons and stuff in my classes, then I’d go home and program for the entire night. Most of the time I just do it on evenings where I don’t have much schoolwork. In a school week I ‘d probably program maybe four out of the 7 nights, and 3 nights I’d not take note of it too much and focus more on institution. But now that it’s summer, I can focus on it more.

I’d definitely encourage various other pupils to take up developing. I ‘d inform them to download Codea, due to the fact that it’s a great introduction to it and it’s not visiting terrify you like Xcode kind of did to me. It’s actually easy and an actually good introduction to app development or shows anything in general.

Can we anticipate seeing anything from you in the near future?

I am considering some ideas today that I can do over the summer. When I went to WWDC, I complied with a few pals and we are working on this app called Audibly. You share music with your friends and play music all around you. Unfortunately, I can’t say a lot more about it as it’s still under wraps.