I’ve actually frequently joked with my friends about the social rules needed when making use of a men’s room. You’ve lines of urinals, however you don’t want to stand right beside someone else if you can prevent it for numerous reasons. Then there’s the stalls, which is a whole various other ball of wax and needs particular various other factors to consider. Long tale short, there’s a lot going on when a guy has to ease himself, and it can be rather funny.

Which is why when I discovered Guys’s Room Mayhem, I understood I needed to purchase it. Would this game be able to provide the male washroom experience as I know it, or would it just go down the drain? Let us find out.

Flight Control Redux

You might’ve played Flight Control previously, and if so, cannot0 got a leg up on Men’s Room. In Air travel Control, you’ve numerous flights that you need to lead into a runway by using your finger to guide them along a path. Some cars flew slower than others, and you definitely did not want a mid-air crash. It was a lot of enjoyable to play.

It looks easy, but not so much.

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It looks easy, but not so much.

Men’s Room is basically Air travel Control with men. You’ve an overhead view of a bathroom full with stall(s), urinals and sinks. When a guy gets in the space, a pop-up window appears with their intended location– a yellow drop for a urinal, and a toilet tissue roll for a stall. Use your finger to drag a course to their spot of choice and let them do their thing. When full, drag them either to the exit for a quick vacation, or to a sink for a hand cleaning bonus. Sounds easy, right?

It’s Not Easy

Like Flight Control, Guys’s Room gets an increasing number of complicated as the game advances. As paths are drawn, there will be times when two guys get too near to each other. If they just miss out on, then there’s a bonus offer. If they clash, then they combat, and you’ve to break it up. That battle puts a little bloodstain on the floor, along with in the white boxes in the leading right edge of the screen. Get a lot of of those, and you’ll lose the level.

Whoops. Fight broke out.

Whoops. Fight broke out.

But wait, there’s more. Some guys enter the room with a timer over their heads. If you don’t reach a urinal or stall fast enough, then they pee on the floor– another mark in those white boxes. There are old guys who come into the room, and they do not move extremely rapidly. Some guys move incredibly fast. And when the girls can be found in– which takes place later in the hotel and bar levels– they’ve a circle around them that acts like a force field. Guys cannot enter that circle, they just get pushed out, which occasionally causes fights. Oh, and if you’ve numerous individuals at the urinals and leave a space in between them, you get a decorum bonus offer. I want that occurred in reality.

Just like in real life, do not enter a woman's personal bubble when she's in a restroom.

Just like in reality, don’t get in a woman’s personal bubble when she’s in a toilet.

There’s a saving grace to all that blood and urine on the ground, however. At the end of each stage there’s a timer that lets you scrub away the bad things and the facilities using your finger. Just clean rapidly and as the areas vanish, so do the marks against you. Plus, you get additional points.

Some of your goals.

Some of your goals.

Point is, Guys’s Space is a lot more complicated than it seems from the beginning. The tutorial level makes it all seem so easy that you may do what I did and almost ditch the game. That’s because of a function in the game that appears like a glitch. See, each level is just a method for you to complete goals. You do not in fact progress to the next level till cannot0 finished all those objectives and chosen the level. Meaning, there’s no flag that waves or anything when you’ve the ability to proceed, you’ve to do it by hand. Remember this in the tutorial, because clearing the stage is as easy as 2 moves.

The Look

Men’s Space Chaos isn’t a rather game, but then once again, it most likely should not be. Although I try not to utilize restrooms that smell like a combo between Brut and dead cat, it still occurs, and guys’s rooms aren’t always the prettiest things to look at (Provided, I have never ever discovered blood on the floor before, but there’s still hope). As a result, Men’s Space looks a bit sandy. The urinals are filthy, the sinks look like they have never ever been cleaned and sometimes the floors are so brown that you wonder if it’s simply dirt. That’s OK, the game does not suffer for it.

Troughs? Icky.

Troughs? Icky.

The characters are charming too, in as much as you can expect a grubby building worker to be charming. They are cartoony and enjoyable, and each has their own design. And simply in case you were wondering (or concerned), there’s no visualization of their animation “parts” as it were. Whenever somebody is doing their deed, they get blurred out similar to in The Sims.

The All-Important Fun Factor

I truly take pleasure in playing this game. The humor gets me perfectly, the principle is enjoyable and it makes use of touch auto mechanics in a smart– albeit not very initial– way. And even though it flies Control and basically translates it into men and bowel features, it works.

IAP is present, but not annoying.

IAP exists, however not frustrating.

There are some elements that get aggravating, as they finish with many games. As you get greater and greater in levels, there so many individuals enter the space that it ends up being virtually impossible to handle them at all. However again, because you can proceed to the next level once you’ve all the goals full, if you get irritated you could simply have the ability to proceed. I need to probably point out Blitz mode also, where men just are available in and out rapidly the whole time. It’s fun, however not my style, so I’ll simply leave it at that.

A quick note right here about the IAP scenario. It exists, however it’s not irritating. The game includes five levels, just the first of which is free to start, then the rest unlock as you total objectives. There are additional level packs, and you can purchase those for $0.99. I didn’t, as the depth of the game sufficed for me, however I can see doing this in the future.

Finishing Up

Bottom line: Guys’s Space Chaos is an enjoyable game. It makes use of a similar dynamic to other games, yes, however the extra fracture into the restroom genre makes it as fresh as a restroom can be. It’s not ideal, and there are times when I got distressed and left it alone for a bit. However in the end, I always came back to finish doing my responsibility, since it’s just that enjoyable.