Have you ever wanted to end up being an unstoppable cyborg ninja and slice through everything in your path? Well, if that holds true, you’re in luck, because the fancy, stylish, unstoppable-cyborg-ninja video game Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will be making its way to Mac tomorrow thanks to publisher TransGaming.


Originally launched by Konami on consoles in 2013 and on COMPUTER earlier this year, Metal Equipment Rising: Revengeance is a third-person action video game that puts you into the bionically improved shoes of Raiden, a youngster soldier turned cyborg ninja. Wielding a “high-frequency katana,” you’ll fight your means with legions of proficient opponents and difficult managers in cinematic, fast-paced battle as you start an objective of revenge. You can see a video right here:

Though Metal Gear video games have been launched on iOS before, this marks the very first time that the prominent series has actually made its method to Mac. In addition, the release of Metal Equipment Rising marks TransGaming’s expansion into Mac video game publishing, formerly the business was focused on enablement innovation that enabled easy porting of video games to Mac and other platforms.

“Metal Equipment Increasing: Revengeance is not just an extremely rich AAA+ game that contains fantastic action, however it likewise fills a void in the Mac market,” discusses Fredrik Liljegren, vice president of the graphics and portability group at TransGaming, in a job interview with MacLife.com. “There actually aren’t any games quite like this one readily available today. This certain title likewise shows off exactly what TransGaming’s technology is capable of delivering to its partners. As an extremely advanced technical title, it’s an outstanding prospect to reveal of our cutting edge enablement technology, Cider. In showcasing the level of gaming-performance that Macs can provide, we are positive that Mac gamers will certainly be delighted with Metal Gear Increasing: Revengeance.”

Metal Equipment Rising: Revengeance will be available in the Mac App Store starting Sept. 25, and will certainly be priced at $29.99 (although it may debut at a lower coupon rate). However that’s just the start of TransGaming’s strategies to bring big-name titles from leading publishing partners to Mac.

“We can not truly offer too much away concerning certain future titles,” Liljegren notes. “Exactly what we can say, however, is that there are numerous high profile titles in the pipeline for release over the next Twelve Month, so stay tuned for future announcements.”