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Microsoft has today introduced Office Mobile for iPhone, allowing Workplace 365 subscribers to access and modify their Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files stored in SkyDrive, SkyDrive Pro, or SharePoint from essentially anywhere. The app boasts support for charts, animations, SmartArt graphics and shapes, and more.

Office Mobile brings all all of the documents you’ve actually stored in the cloud to your iPhone, and all those you’ve actually just recently been making use of on your computer system are conveniently available from the current documents panel. The app likewise permits you to open up Office attachments sent out to you through e-mail.

All the documents you open in in the app look like the originals, thanks to support for all the Office functions you ‘d anticipate to find in Microsoft’s desktop apps. And when you make edits, all your format and content continues to be intact. Thanks to the app’s helpful ‘Resume Checking out’ feature, it will even open your documents from where you last left off.

Here are some of the app’s key functions:

* Edit – You can make fast edits to Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.
* Documents Remain Intact – Formatting and content continue to be intact when you edit Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents on your phone.
* Edit While Offline – Your device doesn’t have to be continuously connected to the network to work on a Workplace document that’s saved online. You can see and modify recently used files even while you are offline. Your modifications will be saved online when your device reconnects to the network or to Wi-Fi.
* Develop– You can produce brand-new Word and Excel files on your phone.
* Remarks – You can evaluate remarks that have actually been made in Word and Excel files on your phone and include your very own remarks.
* Share – When you are finished with your edits or remarks, merely send out the file in email or wait to SkyDrive or SharePoint.

Office Mobile app is free to download from the App Shop, however the catch is you’ll require a Workplace 365 subscription to use it. And due to the fact that it operates in the cloud, you’ll also require an active information connection to obtain to your files– though you can edit them offline. Some features, consisting of current files and Return to Checking out, likewise require Office 2013 on a PC.