iphone 3g

Microsoft has put out a TELEVISION commercial for the holidays. In it, some things occur … mostly singing. There are employees, kids as well as other things going on in a New york city City setting. Apple’s garden on Fifth Ave, to be specific.

My colleague Alex as well as I jumped into Slack, enjoyed it with each other as well as shared our ideas. We think that Microsoft is attempting to state that they’re close friends, or intend to be close friends, with Apple. Or something.

Hit play and read along.

Alex: here
Drew: Ok
Alex: are you ready bb?
Drew: what the fuck is this
Alex: Microsoft has shops? Since when?!
Drew: singing. peace on earth?
Alex: Oh, New York. I dislike New York.
Alex: Drew, can you sing? I cannot.
Drew: an unique message. oh here’s a shitty laptop
Drew: I can’t sing. Buy a mac.
Drew: Wow this is awful. I wager they held up traffic
Alex: Microsoft staff members could sing however, far, much better compared to me.
Drew: these people are as well satisfied to be working from microsoft
Alex: Wait is this visiting be a fight?
Drew: no one could hear you sing in brand-new york
Drew: they made use of children to obtain us to such as them
Alex: Apple v. Microsoft: Holiday Rumble!
Drew: delay they go to an apple store?
Alex: Ok so let’s discuss
Drew: That was awful.
Alex: Microsoft paid its workers, and a video camera team, to go song-bomb an Apple store
Drew: Those bad children don’t even recognize exactly how terrible it is
Drew: song-bomb is now a thing
Drew: that need to we song-bomb. the verge?
Alex: can we do that at TechCrunch? like, go sing to The Verge
Drew: JINX
Alex: jinx
Drew: done.
Alex: fin