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This early morning Microsoft revealed its newest console, the Xbox One. Unlike previous Xbox models though, Xbox One is not really just about games, it’s about becoming the one system your living room needs, and it most likely suggests difficulty for the Apple TELEVISION.

Not only can Microsoft’s most current box play computer game with the best of them, however Microsoft has added functions to make it the only box your TELEVISION really needs by acknowledging who you are, exactly what you motion pictures and shows you like, and enabling you to regulate everything with just your voice.

The Xbox One includes a new design that makes it look more like a dull cable television set top box, other than there’s an optical disc slot in the front that can manage both DVDs and Blu-Ray.

With its new Snap Mode attribute, Xbox One can run other apps, motion pictures, or TV on the side of display while you are still playing a game. Instead of selling the Kinect sensor individually, Microsoft states Kinect will include each Xbox One unit offered.

Taking a queue from Siri, Microsoft has actually added voice controls to the Xbox One as well. Now when you wish to pause a movie you can simply say ‘Xbox, time out’ rather than stumble around with your controller. Oh yeah, and the controller’s been revamped too to get rid of the battery bump in the back and better controls.

One of the most interesting functions that Microsoft flaunted this early morning though was the ability to incorporate your cable set-top box with the Xbox One. Thanks to HDMI throughput, the Xbox One can display every one of your cable television channels, and with the new voice commands you can effortlessly change to your favorite network directly from a computer game. All you need to do is say ‘Xbox, ESPN’ and the console will change the screen for you.

Microsoft also promoted functions like NFL Fantasy Football integration, Skype, Smart Glass, and the Kinect’s ability to identify your heart rate. Game discs will only need to be made use of for one-off installation, but sadly the Xbox One will not be in reverse suitable with Xbox 360 games.

It was clear at Microsoft’s keynote that the company does not desire customers to consider Xbox as just a video game console any longer, however just in case anybody doubts the Xbox’s gaming powers they stuffed 8GB RAM, an 8-core CPU, 500GB of storage area, USB 3.0, a 1080p camera on the Kinect, and HDMI in and out into the Xbox One. Pricing was not announced at the occasion, but it’s anticipated to introduce later this year.

With the high amount of features that Microsoft has crammed into the Xbox One it’s pretty clear that Microsoft is the business to beat in the living room right now. While Apple TELEVISION is a basic and cheap sufficient solution for many TV lovers, the innovative features in Xbox One make it appeal to both players and video content lovers alike.

Hopefully Apple’s got something up its sleeve for Apple TELEVISION at WWDC, otherwise it’s going to be impossible for Cupertino to contend in the living-room now that Redmond is targeting hardcore players in addition to typical TELEVISION addicts.