Brad Smith, Microsoft’s head of state and even primary legal officer, gave a passionate defense of encryption today, stating his firm stood with Apple in its legal battle with the FBI. He made his comments during a keynote address at the RSA protection seminar in San Francisco.

“There is no technology better than encryption,” Smith claimed. “Regardless of the most effective objectives, the path to heck begins at the back entrance and even we should see to it that security innovation continues to be strong.”

Smith insisted that his business is going to defend its consumers and also it’s up to the federal government to make its situation with a targeted client or place of work as opposed to aiming to do an end-around through the cloud vendor.

“We believe emphatically when the government intends to look into a company, it should visit business and also not visit the cloud service provider. It’s the way it’s helped over two centuries. Cloud computing need to not transform that equilibrium,” he said.

Smith likewise stressed that when there was legal grounds to quit information, the company also took that legal requirement very seriously. Actually, in the aftermath of the Paris bombings last year it addressed a selection ask for info on the suspected attackers.

“In the days and even weeks after the Paris attacks, Microsoft got 14 authorized orders for individuals at big in Belgium. We were able to react, determine they were authorized and also turn the material over [to the requesting police] in under Thirty Minutes,” Smith told RSA.

He made it clear, however that a big concern today is that the regulation has fallen short to maintain up with technology which needed to transform. “We live in a globe where some things boost with age and also various other things do not. Modern technology law does not boost with age,” he said.

He held up a 1912 including equipment, the exact same one he gave his testament before Congress recently to show that the All Writs Act, the case law the FBI is mentioning in the case over Apple encryption ends 200 years old and also was last upgraded in 1911. That’s when the cutting-edge in modern technology was that adding machine.

He thinks we can do better compared to that and even it’s time for the regulation to overtake technology and even for us as a society to bring the law in line with the age of cloud and even mobile computer. That’s going to entail some thoughtful debate as well as it’s visiting call for the innovation area ahead with each other, while “following ageless values and even respecting fundamental legal rights,” he said.

“Innovation keeps moving forward. Our work is to introduce. We can’t do it in a vacuum cleaner. We require to attach with the world and participate in public argument. The globe will [remain to progress highly] just if the law could capture up,” he said.