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Less than a month after the launch of streaming solution Apple Songs, Apple’s Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook announced that “Millions and also millions of clients are currently experiencing Apple Music and the number is expanding substantially everyday” as part of today’s poorly-received Q3 incomes report. The concern will be just how many users remain to pay as soon as their totally free trials expire and they are immediately billed $10 a month.

Cook kept in mind on today’s earnings call that 15,000 artists are already discussing social updates including unreleased tracks and also videos on Apple Songs’s Connect tab. For instance, rapper Drake premiered his new video on the service. Cook likewise stated that millions of people are paying attention to the apps Beats 1 radio station.

While obscure, the number ranges programs advance for Apple’s follower to its iTunes download store. It is very important to keep in mind that Apple Songs offers a cost-free three-month trial. Obviously, the Apple Songs app came with a software upgrade on July 1st that went out to hundreds of millions of apples iphone. With that pre-install base, Apple shouldn’t have actually had trouble obtaining a least a couple of million to offer its streaming service a shot.


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Apple jump started growth of it streaming solution by acquiring Beats Music, a streaming service discussing a brand business with the Beats Electronics earphone business. That application was turned off as well as users moved to Apple Music, which might have contributed to the client base.

Apple Music takes on more well established solutions like Spotify and also Google Songs. For contrast, Apple Music’s leading competitor Spotify has 75 million complete audiences, cracking down to 55 million ad-supported totally free rate users as well as 20 million paying subscribers.

But Apple Music’s real opportunity it hiring $10 a month clients from the huge majority of people who’ve never ever seriously streamed music. Numerous millions utilize iTunes, so today’s report is merely the first action in a long trip moving Apple from a songs download sale to a streaming membership company.