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MiniDock by BlueLounge
Category: Docks
Works With: iPhone 5, iPad mini
Price: $40

Bluelounge’s brand-new MiniDock truly is mini. It’s a small little dock which completely matches the cuboid charger that’d your iPhone or iPad mini, and turns it into a wall-mounted dock. The gadget is as portable and efficient as it’s handy, especially if you never use a case. I’ve one below in Cult of Mac’s Spanish HQ, and I’ve been putting it with its speeds in our Extreme Test Lab.

What It Is

The MiniDock is the Lightning version of the old 30-pin MiniDock. It’s a truly small widget with a USB plug standing out the back and a little shelf and Lightning plug at the front. It includes 2 adhesive silicone inserts, one small and one large and more supportive, and you pick one depending on whether you make use of a case or not.

And that’s it. Set it up and throw it into your gadget travel bag, or just get up a couple of and connect them to the stash of chargers you still have around your home and plug one in every room.

The Good

It’s tiny, and matches the charger completely. Only in black, not white.

Convenience. All you need is an outlet and you are excellent. No should discover a table or to leave your priceless iPhone on the floor while it charges, and no worries if you are in the kitchen, where the outlets are at a safe height, out of the way of spills (if the electrical outlets in your kitchen are reduced enough to get wet then you’ve more pressing issues than the safety of your iPhone).

The MiniDock is also small. As in pocket-sized. Even if you are not carrying your charger you could keep this in a bag for when you require it, plugging it into any USB charger you discover. Its USB plug is comfortably (as mandated by the positioning of the outlet on the Apple charger) put on the bottom edge, making it a perfect fit for the ports on the side of a MacBook Air. Although undoubtedly you cannot see the iPhone’s screen while you do this (potentially an advantage– right now our editor John Brownlee is raining down a hail of proceed me in Tall Chess, leaving me distracted from both that game and this testimonial. Thanks John. You are expected to be setting an instance).

The dock likewise fits onto the iPad charger, and although it’s less visually pleasing it’s simply as durable as any other well-made USB charger, with the benefit of charging the iPhone much quicker.

And of course, you can likewise make use of the dock with an iPad mini

And of course, you can likewise use the dock with an iPad. I attempted it with the mini as a) I do not have an iPad 4 and b) I am not an idiot, and while it’s a little perilous it appears safe enough, mostly due to the sturdy Lightning plug.

You can likewise get an EU version, shaped to look great with the slimmer, flatter Europlug chargers, and potentially a UK version, which comes with its own Health and Safety policeman and a set of poles and a cordon to see to it you don’t get too close while it’s charging.

The Bad

The Lightning plug is too short to reach into the grown hole of a case-clad iPhone

The dock ships with an insert to let you charge the iPhone while it’s in a case, however in practice the Lightning plug is too brief and stubby to reach into the deepened opening of a case-clad iPhone. Even if it can get enough of the plug to charge, it’s wobbly and might fall off.

The other problem I had, which is not really the fault of the BlueLounge designers, but is definitely something they should’ve thought about. Is that my house, like numerous, only has power sockets at ankle and knee height. This indicates that you can easily knock the iPhone from its perch.

The Verdict

The MiniDock is nearly ideal at exactly what it does. The only trouble is one that’s triggered by the length of the Lightning pin, meanings that very little can be done about it. So I ‘d say that you can buy one of these without any worries. Is it worth $40? Who understands? If you want to spend it, then you succeeded, t be disappointed.