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Time Journal has actually launched their Top 10 Video Games of the Year as well as the mobile title Prune was selected as the leading video game for 2015. This marks the 2nd time a mobile title has been chosen as the primary game on Time’s top 10 listing. In 2014 the steampunk title 80 Days took the leading honors.

Most hardcore gamers do not take into consideration mobile games to be ‘genuine’ computer game, however Matt Peckham appears to differ. His top 10 checklists showcase a great mix of triple A titles such as Rise of the Tomb Raider and indie games like Her Story.

Prune is offered for $3.99 on the Apple Application Store. It is a minimal game where the goal is to ‘grow as well as form your tree into the sunshine while staying clear of the risks of a hostile world.’

Other mobile titles on the listing include Ryan North’s To Be Or Not To Be and Her Story, which we went over back in January.

To Be Or Not To Be is an enjoyable retelling of Shakespeare’s Hamlet in a choose-your-own-adventure style. It is offered on the Application Store for $5.99.

Her Story is a FMV (Full Movement Video) title where players should dig via videos of a female that is being doubted concerning the loss of her other half. The game is available on the App Shop for $4.99.