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Even prettier than Seacrest: The Montgomery Street Backpack

With an urban, brushed-metal appearance, exceptional construction, and area for your camera and Macbook Air or 13″ Pro, Acme Made’s Montgomery Road Knapsack is no uncertainty a great day pack for city walkers. Its side-sitting camera pouch is the standout function of this bag, however, permitting quick retrieval of your mirrorless cam or DLSR without needing to take the bag off.

Montgomery Street Backpack by Acme Made
Category: Backpacks
Works With: Macbook Air, 13″ Pro, Smaller Cameras
Price: $100

The Montgomery nevertheless, while well suited for those with tiny electronics and a taste for the even more hipster things in life, might not do too for those with a larger Mac, a full size DSLR, or a fear of putting on a pack so adorable the girlfriend may wish to obtain it.

What It Does

You might keep your camera in any old backpack, sure, but with its super-soft lining and quick side access, any camera would be pleased to stay in Acme Made’s Montgomery Street Backpack.

Space for a huge lens/water bottle, and a small lens in the covered inner pouch.

The Montgomery Knapsack (MB) also offers area for one additional lens in a little flap-covered pouch in its major compartment, in addition to space for a huge water bottle or telephoto lens. In an additional different and plushly lined pocket, space for a Macbook Air or 13″ inch Macbook Pro.

Those of you who miss out on the brushed metal appearance of OS 10.4 will most likely also elegant the MB’s material outside of comparable look. How I loved those days when Tigers wandered in our Macs.

In Use

Though the MB is about as comfy as various other backpacks with comparable stature, it definitely feels even more premium.

A comfortable house for your Macbook Air or 13″ Pro.

Its bright green liner exhibits quality, therefore does its stitching and basic construction. You can tell Acme focused on the little information when producing the Montgomery, even reaching offering its brushed-metal skin a small metallic sheen to round off the look.

On the within, I found Montgomery’s pockets well-placed and attentively set out. The Macbook slot is definitely a great house for any Air or Pro, and its covered inner pouch is an actually good function for lenses since it prevents your glass from tumbling around when you are jostling about throughout your day.

Montgomery’s quick-access side pouch.

The side camera pouch serves too, making camera gain access to quicker than excavating it out of a routine knapsack. I’ll inform you right now, however, you are not easily fitting a full-size DSLR in there unless it’s a shorty pancake lens attached. If you’ve a small DSLR or a mirrorless camera, the space will be appropriate, but this is not really the bag for larger DSLRs.

I’d also warn ruffians out there, the Montgomery has a somewhat feminine aim to it, and with it attached upon your arm, it could be thought about treading in murse territory.


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