Leslie Moonves, the Chief Executive Officer of CBS, discussed its negotiations with Apple over its rumored upcoming TELEVISION solution today at Code Conference.

“Apple TELEVISION is trying to transform deep space a little bit … I think the age of the 200 stations cosmos is slowly dying,” said Moonves. The ordinary home has in between 100 and 150 networks, but the ordinary residence is seeing in between 14 and also 17 of these channels routinely. I believe exactly what Apple will offer … is a more choose group for a much lower cost. We check out Apple TELEVISION … it’s a recurring discussion– I met with [Apple media head] Swirl Cue recently to talk about it.”

Moonves did claim that CBS would ‘probably’ sign up for the solution, bring in “we’re extremely excited regarding it.”

Moonves additionally said that an Apple TELEVISION service would certainly additionally work within its typical member network, as well as CBS would give a cut of whatever base rate Apple provided to it to those affiliates.

The service has actually been rumored to be bound up in arrangements with TV broadcasters like CBS and also others over offering regional stations on its brand-new solution. A brand-new item of Apple TELEVISION equipment is said to be releasing at Apple’s WWDC conference the week after next.

If CBS is still in agreements with Cue over the shape and type of the reported service, after that it could effectively be delayed past Apple’s news next month. Arrangements in between media firms and Apple have a lengthy history of visiting the 11th hr, so there is still a probability that they might arrive in time.

The problem does not appear to be modern technology. When Moonves asked what the holdup was he responded, simply, “cash.”

Interviewer Kara Swisher after that asked whether Moonves would be interested in Apple acquiring CBS.

“As a significant investor that’s attractive to me,” Moonves joked. “They’ve obtained a bunch of cash laying about.”

“We’re being seen by even more individuals now compared to we were One Decade earlier,” Moonves noted regarding CBS audiences. “Seventy percent or even more of our audience still sees while period where the program is,” says Moonves. “The other 30 percent are enjoying it elsewhere. Is that number (70 percent) getting a lot less? Absolutely.

“The typical person in America is viewing television 5 hours a day, I recognize that seem like a horrible fact … [however] not for me it’s not,” he joked.