The ordinary phone case is basically a piece of plastic that safeguards your tool when you lose it. However exactly what if you could add modular functions to your apple iphone like a heart rate screen, a grappling hook, or a backup electric battery? Now you can.

Moscase pertains to utilize from Hungary and is being crowdfunded to the tune of $150,000. The instance shields your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and has a removable back. You could promptly snap out the back and replace it with among the optional tools, flipping your case right into a breath analyzer, a speaker, and even an e-ink display for reading.

The tool is available in two places. The bumper without a backplate could notice your pulse, temperature level, as well as body resistance Also Known As how fatty tissue you are. It costs $129 and also includes a “passive” backplate. A version with one “active” backplate expenses $219. I think the e-ink solution is the coolest, allowing you to continue reading the back of your phone, saving your electric battery for much more vital work.


Obviously all this is quite pricey however it’s a great means to include great deals of sensors to your iPhone for not much lots of money. I satisfied one of the founders in Budapest and also he told me that they found traction in your home but not abroad as well as, when they deliver in June, you’ll have a lot of time to have fun with your new instance just before Apple releases the apple iphone 7 with USB-C and also a big back camera.

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