Google’s Motorola arm is trying to enhance the procedure for iPhone individuals to change to its flagship Moto X gadget by enabling it to extract contacts and calendar occasions from iCloud backup files. The new device was announced yesterday by Motorola vice head of state of product manamgenet Punit Soni on Google+ (via GigaOM).

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The service, which also has a main support page, is powered by syncing service Mark/Space and is done through Motorola’s MotoMaker web service, which permits individuals to personalize the color and details of a Moto X gadget. The iCloud transfer service can be intiatied after a user has purchased a Moto X from MotoMaker and selects the ‘I’ve an iPhone’ option from within the Migrate function, and transfers the data to a Google Account after the individual has signed into their iCloud acocount.

Addressing the brand-new iCloud migration tool, Soni notes that ‘There’s a long method to go, however its a beginning’, which could suggest that the transfer service will see updates in the future.

Motorola originally announced the Moto X in August, with the gadget consisting of a variety of attributes such as a 720p AMOLED screen and Touchless Control by means of Google Now integration. In February, handset producer HTC launched a comparable service for iPhone owners switching over to the HTC One, but provided data migration direct from iPhone backups, which moves more information compared to Motorola’s iCloud sync service.