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We are gradually moving to an internet app culture where a substantial part of our cumulative creation and curation of material is done through online services rather than living only inside native apps. With this shift, sharing material is an easy procedure … if you are looking at simply a couple of similar kinds. A service like Flickr is fantastic for sharing pictures and assembling albums, however what if you want to generate a website to consist of? If just you could’ve a way of presenting all the sorts of papers you require for a certain function together, as one.

That’s where Moxtra can be found in – an app that emerges as a virtual binder of content – generating items like images, videos, internet clips and even more into a single ‘folder’ of job content. You can then even record a narrated presentation experiencing the slides of your binder for even simpler, improved sharing. Let us take a look!

Getting Started

Moxtra revolves around your task binders, metaphorical folders of content collectable by a typical theme. You could setup a binder for a work project, to collect media from a getaway or whatever you choose, although the focus of the app is certainly on efficient purposes. When you have created a binder – easily achievable from the homescreen of the app – you’ll be able to quickly invite members into collaborating on your active binder by e-mail or Facebook and, when you are ready, send out a viewable variation of the binder around.

A sample Moxtra binder, showing all related content living inside the same folder.

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A sample Moxtra binder, revealing all related material living inside the same folder.

Adding material to your binder is also a really easy procedure. Deciding to include material from the bottom menu bar exposes a wealth of filetypes supported for introduction into your binder, including the standard choices of pictures and videos. You can, however, even include complete scrollable webpages (or cropped clips of pages) and embed files from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and Evernote. The latter options just need you to log in to the particular service and afterwards choose your paper, although I’ve actually experienced display and compatibility concerns with a variety of formats so continue with care.

When adding material you can even embed multiple products from a single ‘type’ simultaneously, rather than adding every one separately, an useful function which conserves a lot of time when bulk choose.

Annotation 101: How Not To

Annotation 101: How Not To

Furthermore, Moxtra has inbuilt remote gain access to tools, allowing you to connect to a Mac or COMPUTER to grab files. To do so, you merely have to get the Moxtra Desktop computer app for OS X or Windows and afterwards introduce the appropriate section on your iPad to acquire remote access to your desktop computer.

Further editing of your content can be achieved from a basic set of annotation tools which allow the overlaying of text, extra images and more onto your slides of material. This suggests that you might easily mention something in, for instance, a picture by just dragging on an arrow rather than depending on an additional app or bearing in mind to physically do it if you presented your binder face to face. For a complimentary app, it’s a surprisingly nice consideration, even when considering that it’s more than just a single-thickness pen.

Presentation Time

When you have gathered together every little thing for your binder, you prepare to share! Moxtra Binder works with Moxtra Note to in fact permit you to tape-record a presentation of your binder complete with voice narration from your iPad microphone. Striking the REC button on any slide of your binder begins a countdown after which you can starting switching over in between your slides and speaking. When you are finished, the video version is easily saved within the particular binder itself and can be shared independently.

The recording button allows users to tie together their binder into a video complete with voice narration.

The recording button allows users to tie together their binder into a video complete with voice narration.

When you do want to share your production, Moxtra provides a welcome wealth of sharing options through the action menu of either an individual product or from the general binder view. You can email, text or simply copy to your clipboard an associated with a viewable web-based variation of your binder, or save the entire binder to your iPad’s photo collection. Doing this includes each item as a specific image in your picture collection, including your narrated video, enabling it to be exported and edited with third-party apps and services on and off the device.

Design and Interface

Moxtra provides an user-friendly, simple interface that makes including content actually straightforward. Every little thing’s pretty much where you ‘d expect it’s which means you can jump in with a little tutorial and start immediately.

Moxtra's interface is as simple and straightforwar as it could ever be.

Moxtra’s interface is as easy and uncomplicated as it can ever be.

Moxtra opts for a partly-skeuomorphic design with binders visually resembling actual binders however, general, it’s clean and non-intrusive to your actual material.

Final Thoughts

Moxtra‘s purpose is to tie together all your different content for a specific project into one place, and it does this wonderfully. The annotation and recording/narration features are especially welcome, and offer a helpful set of tools for curating your content that provide valid reasoning for taking your material past the apps you developed them in.

Whether you are assembling a house improvement diary or handling a job in the business, Moxtra emerge as a simple means to curate your content, all within a user interface that’s as fittingly inconspicuous as one could hope.