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I often abuse Siri a lot a lot more on my Apple Watch as well as iPhone FIVE, yet there are still some great usages for it on the iPad. Apple wasn’t exaggerating those numbers during WWDC either: Siri actually has gotten a lot faster over the previous year– especially during the last couple of months. So if you have actually messed around with Siri prior to yet discovered the solution a little as well slow-moving, I recommend you provide it an additional try.

Incidentally, you’ll observe that I reference Siri as a ‘he’. That’s due to the fact that I’ve decided on the male British tone for Siri, which makes me really feel like I have my very own version of Tony Stark’s Jarvis AI.

Now, without further ado, here are a few of my preferred uses for Siri on the iPad:


I’m surfing on the iPad as well as find an excellent new battery charger that’s as small as the first-party apple iphone battery charger, however is powerful enough to charge an iPad. I invoke Siri as well as state, “tell my sister I located the perfect charger for your trip.

It’s seriously hassle-free being able to start discussions without needing to leave my current application. When her feedback is available in a couple of minutes later, I bring Siri up once again: “Reply: Yeah, it can charge your iPad at complete rate.”

The only uncomfortable thing about the exchange is having to actually specify spelling marks aloud. I love dictation, yet it’s still bizarre to state ‘enigma’ to finish an inquiry.

Creating as well as Altering Appointments

I have actually established my default calendar to be my Google Cal, so all of my events from Siri go straight there. My good friend messages me concerning a pending birthday celebration dinner, so I summon Siri as well as state “schedule a birthday supper at 7:30 pm on Friday at Lamesa Filipino Kitchen“. If I miss an important specific like the moment, Siri will immediately urge me for it.

When my friend messages me a couple of hrs later on to change the time, I inform Siri to “change my supper on Monday to 6pm“. Siri knows exactly which consultation I desired to selling and allows me recognize that the occasion has actually been transformed. Perfect!


I’m cooking supper with my sweetheart and we have actually just place some water on the stove to boil. I’ve obtained the dish loaded on the iPad and also I’m regarding to slice some veggies, yet it is very important not to allow the water boil for as well lengthy. My hands are full, so I hold the House button down with a kunckle and state, “Timer 15 minutes.”

The iPad is such an amazing household kitchen computer.

Quick Conversions

We’re about to make the sauce for supper, yet the published dish uses mL as well as we’re assuming in tbsps, so I ask “Hey Siri, just what’s 55 mL in tablespoons” and receive a reply seconds later. I have the ability to invoke Siri without pressing any type of switches considering that I have actually plugged the iPad into a wall charger at this factor, so Siri could take hands-free commands as long as I start with “Hey Siri”.


I want to attempt the new upgrade to Fleksy, yet I require to activate the key-board in settings initially. iOS 9 has a search feature constructed into Settings currently, yet Siri is faster: “Go to keyboard settings”.

That one command conserves me four taps.

I wrote this blog post a little in different ways in an initiative to lead I consider Siri on the iPad. If you have actually obtained a set of favourite use cases, I ‘d love to see them in the comments. I’m always looking for more ways to make the most of Siri’s growing library of commands!