In line with a report from last month, iPod creator Tony Fadell’s business Nest today revealed the launch of Nest Protect, a $129 connected smoke and carbon monoxide gas detector for the home. The detector wirelessly associates with various other units and with the Nest Learning Thermostat to boost the functionality of each item while likewise offering a more useful and versatile experience for individuals.

These items ought to keep us safe, not frustrate us. Nest Shield: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide does far more than just sound a shrill alarm when there’s hazard in your home. It speaks with you, informing you where the hazard is and exactly what the problem is. And prior to it seems a piercing alarm, Nest Protect provides you a friendly Heads-Up warning that you can silence with a wave of your hand– no more swinging towels or brooms to try to peaceful a false alarm. It integrates with your mobile gadgets and even messages you if the batteries run low, staying clear of that all-too-familiar midnight low-battery chirp.


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Nest Secure includes six different types of sensors (photoelectric smoke sensor, CO sensor, heat sensor, light sensor, ultrasonic sensors, task sensor) to assist the device translate its environment, and consists of a green radiant light that can serve both as a fast sign that the device is working correctly after lights are turned off and as a nightlight, automatically lighting an individual’s path when it senses their motions.

The linked nature of Protect allows numerous units to alert individuals to rising smoke or CO levels anywhere in the house while likewise specifying where in the house the issue is happening. Integration with the Nest Knowing Thermostat improves the thermostat’s Auto-Away function, which automatically adjusts heating and cooling based on whether anyone is in the house, permitting Protect units to serve as remote sensors for detecting any residents in the home.

Nest Protect is offered for pre-order now and will introduce next month. It’s priced at $129 and be offered in both black and white versions, with each color being offered in wired and battery-powered variations. Users will have the ability to manage Protect and receive alerts with the Nest Mobile app for iOS, which will updated with Protect support when the device launches.