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At a glance, Apple’s newest MacBook Air note pads appear identical to their predecessors, but when you take a look under the hood, there are some apparent distinctions. Not only do they boast Intel’s latest Haswell processors, however they also have larger capacity batteries and smaller solid-state flash drives.

iFixit got its hands on the brand-new 13.3-inch MacBook Air, which was unveiled at WWDC on Monday, and instantaneously began drawing it apart to obtain at its withins. Although the brand-new device is very much like its predecessor, there are some fascinating distinctions.

Firstly, the current version has a much better battery, with a 7,150 mAh capability up from 6,700 mAh. This is what helps the new MacBook Air achieve that ‘all day battery life,’ with pledges of around 12 hours of use on a complete charge.

In addition to this, Apple has counted on frenemy Samsung for the flash storage, presenting smaller solid-state chips in the brand-new model. In this case, smaller implies better, the new drives make use of PCIe connections as opposed to SATA, which assists make them ‘approximately 45 % faster,’ according to Apple.

The new MacBook Air's SSD (top) vs. the old MacBook Air's SSD.

The new MacBook Air’s SSD (top) vs. the old MacBook Air’s SSD.

iFixit notes, however, that the brand-new connection suggests older MacBook Air storage won’t fit the more recent version, ‘making it more difficult to discover parts if you want to update.’ That could likewise imply upgrades will be more pricey for a while.

Other changes in the most recent MacBook Air consist of a totally upgraded Flight terminal card, a new heat sink clamp, and some small changes to the layout of internal components.