New 27-inch iMac for 2014 rears its head, but will it be 4K?

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Apple simply presented a brand-new lineup of faster MacBook Pros, but it doesn’t seem resting on its laurels. A brand-new leak discloses a brand-new bigger iMac mdodel is slated for release at some point this year.

The French tech website ConsoMac very first identified an internal file exposing a forthcoming 27-inch iMac design. Other than the fact the brand-new Apple All-in-One will work with 64-bit versions of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 which it’s a mid-2014 model, there was not any documentation suggesting specs or other information.

However, it is not really a stretch to believe this brand-new 27-inch model might be the just recently reported iMac including a Retina 4K display.

Long overdue

The 21.5-inch iMac saw an upgrade with the current introduction of a new lower-end model stuffing MacBook Air internals inside the larger PC. Nevertheless, the existing 27-inch iMacs are still the 2013 systems presented over a year earlier.

News of the upgraded iMac line goes along with rumors that Apple will likewise introduce a new Mac mini for the very first time in two years.

Before we invest too much hope in these devices, the unintended listing doesn’t explain much. Although it was taken down practically quickly, the leak could’ve been a clerical error or another sort of slip up. Simply puts, don’t put too much weight on the leakage.

The intro of a 4K display and revival of the Mac mini’d likely be announced at a press occasion as opposed to slipped into the Mac store, so we will search for Apple to make them official at its typical September/October events.