Infinity Blade III, the 3rd installment in the popular hack-and-slash RPG series, first debuted throughout Apple’s iPhone media event. Chair today released a video entitled “Infinity Blade: Beginnings,” created to summarizes the events of the first 2 games and introduce the story of Infinity Blade III.

Our sister site Touch Arcade has actually been playing a preview construct of Infinity Blade III, and says ‘it’s safe to say bench has been raised when again.’

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Similar to the other 2 titles, Infinity Blade III includes the same best-in-class swipe-based controls. I am uncertain exactly what it’s about the Infinity Blade games specifically, however your swipes feel infinitely more linked to the real activity in the game compared to others.

Oh, and if you were hoping for free of cost roaming control, you run out luck. The game is completely battle concentrated, with the precise same kind of stopping, looking for sacks of gold, and moving forward via beating increasingly difficult enemies.

Without getting deeper into review-y types of things which we are conserving until after the game is really available, I ‘d say the best way to explain Infinity Blade III is that it’s simply even more Infinity Blade. There’s not even a tinge of free of cost to play to it, it looks much better than any game I have ever seen on the App Shop, and I am uncertain it gets a lot more must-have than this.

Infinity Blade III will launch together with iOS 7, debuting next week on September 18. The first 2 Infinity Blade games are available for download from the App Store.

– Infinity Blade ($5.99)
– Infinity Blade II ($6.99)