Most online games you’ll obtain on the brand-new Apple TELEVISION will likely make the most of the new Apple TELEVISION remote, with its accelerometer, gyroscope, voice, as well as touch controls.

But if you desire to play more hardcore video games, you’ll want a more hardcore controller such as this brand-new SteelSeries Nimbus, a full-on video gaming controller that looks a lot even more like the type of controller you ‘d hook up to your living-room console.

“This is an absolutely unique item – it’s the very first of its kind with the Apple home button as well as lightning port – functions that just do not feed on products that are not solely developed by Apple,” stated Ehtisham Rabbani, SteelSeries Chief Executive Officer, in a press launch. ‘Our team believe in the new ecosystem and also in bringing a brand-new generation of family video gaming to the living space.”

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The Nimbus cordless gamepad controller appears like a cross between an Xbox-style controller, with the X, Y, A, as well as B switches to the right, and also a PlayStation-style one, with the analog sticks aligned near all-time low of the controller. It’s got a 40+-hour battery life, a lightning port to demand it, a menu switch to let you manage Apple TELEVISION without putting the Nimbus down, as well as stress vulnerable switches for precise control in all your Apple TV video gaming sessions.

The SteelSeries Nimbus Gaming Controller will be readily available via Apple retail online and also in stores worldwide at the same time the brand-new game-friendly Apple TV is launched occasionally in late October. It will certainly run you a cool $49.95, but if it’s as strong as previous SteelSeries iOS controllers, it will deserve every penny.