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We were surprised that a brand-new MacBook Pro hadn’t been part of Apple’s Mac revitalizes at WWDC earlier this month, however if new standard tests are anything to pass, it shouldn’t be too long prior to they are offered. A brand-new 13-inch design with the most recent Intel ‘Haswell’ processor has actually appeared in Geekbench tests showing slight performance gains over the current generation.

The new Mac Pro has been benchmarked ahead of its release, too.

The new MacBook Pro appeared on Geekbench yesterday with the ‘AAPLJ44,1 ″ model number. It’s not clear whether this is a Retina MacBook Pro or an upgrade to the older model, but both offer roughly the same efficiency when equipped with the same processor.

This equipment was running OS X 10.9 Mavericks, which was revealed at WWDC and is currently in beta testing with designers, and it packs 8GB of RAM and an Intel Core i5 4258U processor, clocked at 2.4 GHz.

That’s the brand-new Haswell processor that just got introduced to the MacBook Air, and according to the test outcomes, it’ll bring efficiency enhancements of 5-8 % over the previous entry-level MacBook Pro. That doesn’t sound like a big renovation, but you can be sure its impact on battery life will be bigger.

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The Haswell chip is the major reason Apple’s new MacBook Airs boast all-day battery life. It’s significantly more power effective– Intel says it’s made its biggest renovations to power efficiency ever with the Haswell chip– and permits the new 13-inch MacBook Air to run for 12 hours on a full charge.

When you compare that to the 7 hours the previous-generation 13-inch MacBook Air provided, it’s a large distinction.

The fact that this device is running Mavericks recommends it could get its unveiling together with the launch of the new OS X upgrade later this year. Current reports have actually suggested that Apple will upgrade the MacBook Pro alongside its iOS devices, and this shows those reports are exact.

As for the new Mac Pro, that’s been appearing on Geekbench, too, with the ‘AAPLJ90,1 ″ model number. It’s the new 12-core Intel Xeon E5-2697 processor that Phil Schiller discussed at WWDC, performing at 2.7 GHz, plus 64GB of RAM. Like the MacBook Pro above, it’s also running Mavericks.


When compared with the existing Mac Pro, which was released in 2012, the new model reveals substantial improvements in many locations, but just small improvements in others. A few of these outcomes could be affected by software application, however, and there’s a likelihood they’ll alter before Apple launches the Mac Pro later on this year. After all, it’s not quite ready yet.