According to a new study from research company Forrester (through TechCrunch), Apple’s iOS phone platform stays the highest concern for mobile software application development groups, followed by the Android phone platform and the iOS tablet platform in second and 3rd location respectively. The study was done by asking 765 software designers producing mobile applications, and dealt with not just iOS and Android however also platforms such as Windows Phone and Blackberry 10.

But while the survey shows that the iPhone stays the highest concern for designers, it also shows that more developers target Android phones someplace in their plans, with 84 % of developers preparing Android phone support compared with the iPhone at 77 %. A comparable split’s seen in tablets, with iOS being ranked as the top concern by the most developers however Android more developers overall planning to support Android.

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Despite iOS getting this first app mover benefit, more developers target Android phones general than target iPhones (84 % rank Android phones as a priority vs 77 % for iPhones). This is to be anticipated, with Android being on many smartphones at numerous price-points vs Apple’s restricted iPhone profile. Nevertheless the iPad does help to broaden Apple’s developer mojo, with 27 % of respondents placing the iPad as their second priority device vs around a 5th putting the same level of value on Android tablets. By contrast Windows RT tablets are being largely neglected by developers, according to Forrester’s data.

Apple is set to release iOS 7, the next variation of its mobile os, in the next couple of months, likely relatively right after the business’s September 10 media event.