Going Through Your Subscriptions and Headlines

The application’s default interface mimics a paper page, with various headings spread across the screen. If a post has actually embedded images, the application will pull the first one and display a thumbnail in the sneak peek. Likewise, as Newsify pulls information from Google Reader, the folders are the exact same ones you specify with the web user interface – or from within the app, as you can alter the folders and include brand-new subscriptions.

Newsify's default view makes the app resemble a digital newspaper

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Newsify’s default view makes the app resemble a digital newspaper

Alternatively, you can change to a more conventional view that shows the posts in line. This choice makes the design more consistent and assists in the identification of the source. Nevertheless, all posts are provided the exact same show space, which causes brief articles to consume blank area on the screen.

Newsify also has a more traditional way of displaying your articles

Newsify also has a more standard means of displaying your articles

Reading Articles

The short article view is extremely sober, with the article title in vibrant at the top and an unique font – that you can customize – for the short article. Images are likewise shown within the article, if there are any. The couple of icons – Back, View in Browser, Mark as (un)read, Previous/Next and Share – can be hidden by switching over to fullscreen view, which is done by tapping anywhere in the short article.

The default article view is often truncated in most RSS feeds

The default post view is often truncated in the majority of RSS feeds

No matter how consistent the article view is, numerous providers will restrict the content they release on their RSS feed to force you to see their website – No, AppStorm does not do this! The good news is, Newsify has an option to the trouble, as it can quickly open the post in your favored web browser, but also show the entire article in the exact same meaningful format thanks to online mobilizers, such as Readability. This can be done by spreading two fingers on the screen, which will instantly and instantly download a mobilized variation of the short article. You can likewise alter the settings, so that tapping the world causes the exact same activity.

Thanks to Readability, you can enjoy full articles in Newsify

Thanks to Readability, you can take pleasure in complete posts in Newsify


Newsify is extremely adjustable and offers a variety of choices for you to make it look the method you want. While you cannot change the color scheme, you can select the font for the subscription and the write-up views – they can be various ones – and arrange the articles and subscriptions according to your choice. You can also hide thumbnail images and favicons from the subscription views, if you ‘d such as to show text just. Finally, you can select the shade of your choice for items marked as read, so they are simpler to recognize when experiencing a list of write-ups.

Furthermore, Newsify is especially pliable when it pertains to actions following a key press. Indeed, the app lets you personalize the various shortcuts and buttons throughout the interface to match your requirements, but also lets you define the activity that ought to follow a gesture, such as swiping right to open a write-up in the web browser.

Advanced Features

In addition to being personalized, the application incorporates with a handful of third-party services and offers different sophisticated choices. Among these is the ability to mark products as reviewed as you scroll with you detail. This way, you don’t have to open the short articles by hand or wait to reach the end of a listing to mark them all as read, as the app instantly does it for you and sends out the information back to the cloud instantaneously. If you like to deactivate this function, there’s still a choice called ‘pull up to mark all as read’, which will generally mark all write-ups as checked out if you keep scrolling after you reach completion of a listing.

Furthermore, Newsify integrates with various third party applications so you can share articles quickly. Amongst these apps are Buffer, Delicious, Evernote, Facebook, Google +, Pinboard, Tumblr and Twitter. The app can also share items by means of e-mail, and lets you selected between sending the whole short article or just the link. It’s a pity the app does not support more services and other apps, particularly because you could want to conserve posts to websites like Springpad. Besides, Newsify lets you open posts in either Safari or Chrome, and also supports Readability, Instapaper and Google Mobilizer, as mentioned above, for you to enjoy a better short article view.

Lastly, Newsify is fantastic for reading through the news offline. Without a doubt, posts and images they might consist of are saved offline for you to delight in without connectivity. Items you review and mark as favorite will be conserved locally and sync’ed back to Google’s servers as soon as you are back online. The only aspect you ought to beware about is that given the background data restrictions with iOS, Newsify will should continue to be open in order to sync write-ups. Nevertheless, the sync rate and the number of write-ups to download in your area can be altered, as well as the choice to download images or not.


Thanks to its countless functions, personalization choices and integration with a handful of third-party providers, Newsify couldn’t be asked to provide a lot more. The app’s design and layout make it extremely newspaper-like, which mightn’t be what everybody desires in an RSS reader, but its versatility should make up for it.

The various other detail the developers ought to look at is the app’s unread matter, which has a propensity to keep showing articles you keep reading other gadgets as unread on your iPad. While I did think this problem was associated with Google Reader itself, it seems particular to Newsify. Ideally, the issue will be resolved when changing to another RSS sync company.

Final Thoughts

In short, Newsify is an outstanding news reader that brings the old-fashioned newspaper layout back into your hands. The app is superloaded with numerous personalization possibilities and advanced attributes that make it my favored iOS information reader.

The developers have likewise anticipated Google’s termination of Google Reader, as they have picked Feedly to change it. This option will allow for cross-platform sync, however will likewise let users import their subscriptions to the new service provider right from Newsify.