The follow-up to the popular stargazing app The Night Sky has introduced today, presenting a variety of new attributes. Just like the initial app, Night Sky 2 allows users to view the sky above them on an iPad or an iPhone to determine nearby heavenly bodies.

The revamped app provides a redesigned sky view that consists of both higher quality images and initial artwork constellations, in addition to a browse and search feature that was absent from the previous version. It likewise includes detailed information on both the sky and the weather condition.

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With search, users can key in the name of any satellite, star, planet, or constellation to view it within the app. Constellations have been improved and instead of revealing just a basic synopsis, full however non-intrusive art work depicting the constellation is shown.

Sky Details, obtainable from the app’s numerous buttons, provides a look at moon stages, sun increase and sun set times, daylight duration, and sun elevation. A comparable mode, Stargazing Weather, provides information on cloud cover, temperature, wind speeds, and presence, with an overall view showing whether or not the regional sky is visible.
Night Sky 2 consists of an optional area mode, which needs a month-to-month membership cost priced in between $2.99 for a month and $20.99 for 2 years. The area is developed to enable individuals to share stargazing websites all over the world with one another. The app also showcases smoother sky tracking, detailed info on heavenly bodies, and sharing tools.
Night Sky 2 is a universal app that can be bought from the App Shop for $0.99.