iCandi Apps makes a series of popular star gazing apps made to permit iPhone owners uncover constellations, stars, planets, satellites, and more simply by aiming an iPhone at the sky. For children and also people curious about discovering even more concerning the evening sky, these kind of apps are invaluable, and currently iCandi Application has launched a brand-new gadget for your home astronomers– the Evening Sky MiniScope.
Night Sky MiniScope is a full mobile telescope that affixes to your iPhone as well as pairs with the Night Sky application so you could catch photographs of celebrities, earths, the Moon, and also more. Night Sky MiniScope is not affordable, priced at $349, but it’s indisputably unique.
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I wish to make it clear that this evaluation is created from a nonprofessional’s viewpoint. I have actually never had a telescope, I don’t do astrophotography, and I cannot examine the Evening Sky MiniScope comparative to various other likewise priced telescopes because I do not have a factor of referral. I’m pertaining to this testimonial as someone that has an apple iphone, an interest in stargazing applications, and also encounter with digital photography, so examining the MiniScope is a brand-new experience for me.

The Hardware

iCandi Apps packages the Night Sky MiniScope magnificently. It can be found in a custom-made box that houses the telescope itself, the small tripod, case adapters for six various apple iphone models, lens caps, and a lug case.
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The Night Sky MiniScope is made from a cleaned light weight aluminum that matches the aluminum surface on the iPhone. It’s much smaller sized than a common telescope and is compact sufficient to suit a backpack or a large bag, so it could be brought on a trek or a camping travel. It’s not going to match in a pocket or anything, yet it’s more portable compared to the typical telescope.
It steps in at 2.44 inches in diameter as well as 8.86 inches in size, and also has to do with the size of a 16-ounce soft drink bottle. It weighs just over an extra pound, so while it can include a decent quantity of mass to a tiny pack, it’s not adding a great deal of weight. Despite the agility, it’s a well-crafted and durable product that has a top notch appearance as well as feel.
The MiniScope uses ‘multi-coated high grade optical glass elements’ for the lens and eyepiece, along with a manual change focus heating and cooling unit that also collaborates with the Night Sky application. With the included instance adapters, which are cases that allow the iPhone screw on the eyepiece of the telescope, it can work with the iPhone Fours, 5, 5c, Fives, 6, and also 6 Plus.
While the Evening Sky MiniScope itself seems like a strong item of devices, the very same could not be said for the tiny tripod it ships with. For any kind of camera or telescope, a stable placing option is as important as optics, which’s one location where the Evening Sky MiniScope drops way short.
It is almost impossible to keep the lens secure sufficient to concentrate on something in the sky with the ball-jointed mini tripod, which is neither hefty enough to avoid tottering or high sufficient to be simple to use. At nearly 6 inches tall, it’s so close to the ground that it’s difficult to see the apple iphone display and also even harder to concentrate the MiniScope upwards.
Using the MiniScope with the mini tripod, I needed to rest on the ground along with it or place it on a table or stone located additionally up from the ground. When utilizing it this way, I was never truly able to discover a level sufficient surface area outside, meaninged I could not obtain it right into a steady placement. Also on the ground, it’s so light that trying to turn the emphasis ring altered its position ONE HUNDRED percent of the time.
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Finding something as straightforward as the Moon was challenging with the mini tripod considering that I ‘d locate the Moon, transform the focus wheel, and lose it from my field of vision. On the MiniScope itself, there’s a great deal of resistance when rotating the lens to focus it, another aspect that made the MiniScope discouraging to utilize since it results in movement.
The MiniScope consists of a 1/4′-20 tripod install, so I placed it on a more secure full-sized tripod (not consisted of). That made it much easier to make use of due to the fact that it put the MiniScope and my iPhone at eye level so I could see what I was doing, but even on a far more sturdy tripod, I had problems with the amount of motion attempting to focus introduced considering that the lens is tough to transform. On its site, iCandi Apps calls the twist to concentrate mechanism ‘soft and also easy,’ but this was not my experience.


The Evening Sky MiniScope has a lens with an objective diameter of 25mm, 50x optical zoom, and also a 55mm f/4 aperture. With the Night Sky app, the MiniScope is advertised as having 500x electronic zoom abilities (with a 10x digital magnification), yet as anybody that’s taken a zoomed in picture on an apple iphone understands, electronic zoom is of negligible value and also is just going to make images that are blurry.
With 50x optical zoom, a world like Venus resembles a small dot. Zooming in makes the dot bigger, however it’s no clearer and it resembles a brilliant blob since the 500x zoom isn’t really including even more information– it’s merely focusing on a little photo. I must likewise point out that the focusing issues existing with just the 50x optical zoom are highlighted with the digital zoom. When looking at something like the Moon at ‘500x zoom’ also the smallest movement will create the Moon to move out of structure, so it takes a bunch of careful modifications to obtain an image in focus.
apple iphoneOne of the most effective Moon shots I was able to get.
A zoom of 500x might seem outstanding to amateur superstar fanatics taking a look at the MiniScope, yet it is necessary to recognize that zoom is not a procedure of high quality. A tiny telescope like the MiniScope is not effective sufficient to get a close-up check out most things in the night sky, and also the 500x zoom is even more of a gimmick compared to a beneficial feature.
Aside from the Moon, most images taken with the Night Sky MiniScope are visiting appear like dots overhead, so if you’re aiming for impressive pictures, this is not a telescope that’s visiting make what you’re looking for.
So, exactly what can you see with a telescope like the Evening Sky MiniScope? The Moon is, obviously, the simplest celestial object to see, and also the MiniScope works well adequate that you could view great information like craters.
Planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, as well as Mars are noticeable with the MiniScope, however like I claimed, they look like small dots. Or blurred ones, if you focus. The MiniScope cannot be utilized to look at the sun, and as for superstars, they resemble they do with the naked eye. With the Night Sky app, lengthy direct exposures of stars could be required to record celebrity trails.
iphone appsVenus is on the left.
I got some good images of the Moon with the MiniScope, however past that, I wasn’t able to take any sort of pictures that I would certainly wish to share on Instagram. Several of the photos I took are discussed over, and also much more have been posted to an album that can be located below. I stay in a location with high light air pollution, so much better pictures might originate from locations where there’s much less light.
iphone 3g17 min star direct exposure, via iCandi Apps
Looking at the Night Sky MiniScope gallery on the iCandi Apps site is a great way to get a concept of just what you translucent the telescope, given that it undoubtedly includes an assortment of the ideal shots the business had the ability to catch. It includes photos of Saturn, Venus, and also Jupiter, plus examples of celebrity trail images. As you could see in the listed below photo of Venus as well as Jupiter, planets don’t look especially impressive.
iphone wallpapersJupiter and Venus, by means of iCandi Apps
The Night Sky MiniScope isn’t really restricted to nighttime use. It could be made use of to catch images of items throughout the day as well, as well as the 50x optical zoom comes in helpful for chances of far away trees as well as structures. With a bunch of patience, maybe used to record close up chances of wildlife.

Night Sky App

The MiniScope is created to be made use of solely with the Night Sky app. The suggestion is to situate a superstar, world, satellite, or constellation with the app and after that utilize the MiniScope to obtain a better look. For those unknown with the Night Sky application, it utilizes your location to show the constellations, superstars, planets, as well as satellites that are above you.
The application consists of a MiniScope devoted method with a number of digital photography devices for catching and improving images. On top of the screen, there’s a readout on ISO, zoom, as well as direct exposure, as well as at the base, there’s a cam switch. Pressing the camera button captures a photo with a three-second delay, which aids making sure the MiniScope is still when taking a photo.
Tapping the iPhone screen could jilt the position of the MiniScope, so it’s finest to utilize a distant trigger. The Night Sky app includes an Apple Watch app that could show what gets on the iPhone’s display and capture a photo. It’s a helpful enhancement to the MiniScope setup if you have an Apple Watch.
There are a variety of devices within the app, including the previously mentioned long direct exposure mode for catching celebrity tracks as well as a video clip mode for developing videos. Light absorption improvement tools enable for direct exposure as well as ISO to be adapted to make an image brighter, and also a noise reduction mode minimize graininess.
Optimal pre-sets for firing the Moon, earths, and superstars are available, and also there are modes for the 500x zoom and an in-app focus device for making some fine changes to focus. There’s a tutorial that I would advise any sort of MiniScope individual inspect out to get accustomed to the devices, due to the fact that the user interface could be a little bit confusing with each device represented by merely an icon.
Digital tools in the Night Sky application work, yet many of the change alternatives aren’t going to have a big effect on exactly how photos come out. The iPhone video camera can only doing this much during the night, despite a $349 telescope connected. I ‘d additionally want to aim out one significant problem I had with the Night Sky application – crashing. It crashed regularly when I was attempting to use the various MiniScope tools.
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There are numerous various variations of the app, consisting of a standard variation, a cost-free version and also a professional variation. All them have additional in-app purchases to open functions, as well as neither of the paid apps is included in the acquisition price of the telescope, which is frustrating. After investing $349, clients are expected to spend an additional $2 for an application or even more money to unlock information packs.

Bottom Line

The Evening Sky MiniScope is a cool iOS accessory, yet its cost factor vs. high quality leaves me wondering that it’s targeted at. At $349, it’s as well expensive for a plaything for youngsters or for an amateur astronomer, but at the exact same time, the quality doesn’t seem sufficient for serious fanatics based upon the research study I did.
iCandi Applications was aiming to develop something incredibly portable that could be tossed in a knapsack and also handled a trek or a camping journey, and the MiniScope is a success in that respect. It’s very easy to carry and also has the prospective to capture a good chance of the Moon while out on a nighttime hike.
From the perspective of a person which doesn’t know much regarding telescopes, this is not an item that I would certainly acquire and it’s not an item I would certainly recommend to people aiming to obtain into astronomy as well as astrophotography. Entering this evaluation, I visualized the Evening Sky MiniScope as a tool that would certainly allow me obtain impressive pictures of the Moon, superstars, and planets, however as it turns out, a bunch of the photos that it captures typically aren’t that compelling.
Pictures of the Moon end up nicely with a stable tripod or a whole lot of trial and also mistake, but various other worlds and also celestial objects are merely too small to catch with the Night Sky MiniScope. With its marketed ‘500x’ zoom feature in operation, anything in the sky simply looks like a huge blur. A tiny, unstable tripod likewise made the procedure of attempting to capture images much more frustrating than enjoyable. It can be used during the day, but dealing with the poor tripod and the tough-to-turn emphasis ring on the lens is almost much more difficulty compared to it’s worth.
The Evening Sky MiniScope is a niche accessory that’s only visiting attract a minimal audience because of its high price and also its abilities. People already accustomed to telescopes will certainly have the ability to consider its specs and also the images in my review to identify its quality, as well as individuals not knowledgeable about telescopes should do a great deal of research study before choosing to purchase the MiniScope. It’s nice to play with, yet ultimately, it’s not practical as well as I’m uncertain it has worth as a harmful tool.

  • Unique concept
  • Nice product packaging, premium products in telescope


  • Overpriced
  • Tripod is useless
  • Focus ring is challenging to turn
  • 500x zoom is not useful
  • App crashes
  • Hard to use, hard to focus
  • Can’t see much besides the moon

How to Buy

The Night Sky MiniScope could be bought from the iCand iApps internet site for $349.
Note: MacRumors received no payment for this review.
Update: The Evening Sky MiniScope team has actually composed a few words as a response to my evaluation, which I’ve contributed to the remarks below as well as which could be discovered below. Going onward, future variations of the MiniScope will certainly deliver with an improved telescopic tripod as well as the application collapsing issues will certainly be fixed.