Nike today introduced a new physical fitness monitoring bracelet, the Nike+ FuelBand SE. The brand-new band looks nearly similar to the prior FuelBand, but with the addition of some color accents– yellow, pink and red– in addition to a variety of new features.

The most significant technical upgrade is the addition of Bluetooth 4.0, otherwise known as Bluetooth LE. The Bluetooth tech has actually been developed into every iPhone since the 4S and enables low-power and low-latency information transfer. It also capitalizes on the M7 motion coprocessor in the new iPhone 5s.

The brand-new FuelBand also has a new clock mode that can reveal the time at the touch of a button.
FuelBand SE

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Other enhancements have come to the Nike+ Fuel points system, allowing the band to track more tasks and not track activities that are not actually physical activity.

The company has actually added per hour suggestions asking you to move for five minutes, in case you are too stagnant too long. You can also now double tap on the device to reveal the existing time, dealing with an odd noninclusion from the last model. The app has actually also been improved, and now has a curve chart that urges people to move every hour. There’s now an intensity level that provides points as individuals are exercising or doing some other exercise– you can call these sessions, and share what you were doing with buddies.

The FuelBand SE will introduce November 6th for $149, just for iOS. Apple CEO Tim Cook is on Nike’s board of directors.