The sequel to NimbleBit’s popular free-to-play tower structure game Tiny Tower is now available for download worldwide after soft launching in numerous nations earlier this summer. Tiny Tower Vegas includes the exact same tower structure gameplay found in the initial video game, melding it with numerous Las Vegas-themed mini games like poker and slots.

As in the previous video game, the concept is for gamers to constantly develop and handle a tower filled with various companies that create coins. Like numerous free-to-play titles, Tiny Tower Vegas consists of numerous countdown timers for functions like restocking floors, which can be sped up with using reality currency.
Tiny Tower Vegas can, however, be played without investing any genuine cash. There are 3 kinds of currency in the video game: coins, bux, and poker chips. Coins are earned from the tower’s residents, while bux are won from the consisted of gambling mini video games, which are played using poker chips. While poker chips can be acquired in app, there are also consistent mini events in the video game that reward players with the currency.
The video game includes several tower modification choices and functions that were readily available in the original Tiny Tower, including a BitBook with funny status updates, elevator upgrades, and multiplayer options that permit users to visit friends’ towers and coordinate with other users in the Players Club.

Tiny Tower is back, and this time we are going to Vegas, child!

– Build and manage your very own hotel & casino filled with shopping, dining and entertainment floors!
– Amass a fortune of bux by wagering chips in a wide range of casino games!
– Earn chips when your close friends check out and play the video games in your tower!
– Customize your tower with impressively themed roofs, elevators and lobbies!
– Keep tabs on the thoughts of employees and guests by checking out the ‘BitBook’ virtual social media network!

Tiny Tower Vegas is a universal app that can be downloaded from the App Shop for free.