The Nomad Shell, with its built-in battery, is among a small variety of Apple Watch stands able to offer functionality beyond simply holding the Apple Watch battery charger in a much more available location. Valued at $60, the Case is a small, modern-looking Apple Watch stand that’s little sufficient to suit a knapsack or bag as well as able to keep the Apple Watch’s battery full when taking a trip away from the grid for a couple of days.
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I’ve been testing the Case for a number of weeks now to check how it piles up versus various other Apple Watch docking alternatives on the market, both as a fellow traveler and also as a stand in your home on my desk.

Setup and Design

The round Covering is comprised of two pieces: a plastic and light weight aluminum base that holds the Apple Watch wall charger and cord in place, and also a light weight aluminum faceplate that breaks on over the base to hide the cord from sight. The Shuck is made from cleaned aluminum in Silver or Area Gray that matches Apple’s MacBook, apple iphone, and iPad schedules, and also its very little style will certainly allow it suit nearly any kind of decor.
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Size sensible, the Skin matches the palm of a hand and also is quite just like a hockey puck both in size and density. It could possibly suit a generously sized trousers pocket or a jacket pocket, yet its density as well as round shape makes that less compared to comfy. At one side, there’s a micro-USB port to ask for the Shell itself, a button that triggers the Capsule’s asking for feature, and also a 4-LED sign for presenting battery life. It additionally ships with a Nomad-branded micro-USB cable.
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The Covering’s arrangement directions are excessively easy, yet establishing the Shuck isn’t really difficult. You can begin by positioning the Apple Watch charger in the intermediary in the Shell, or by connecting the USB end into the Covering’s USB port. I suggest beginning with the back, connecting the USB side in very first. It’s a little complicated to obtain it aligned right, yet it didn’t take me a bit more than a few seconds to obtain it plugged in.
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Once the USB side of the Apple Watch billing wire is in place, the next action is to wrap the cable around the beyond the Covering till there’s little sufficient cord left that the Apple Watch wall charger could be placed in area with among 9 grooves. The Hull ships with a foam insert, which has to be utilized with the stainless steel Apple Watch battery charger because it’s slightly thinner compared to the plastic wall charger the Apple Watch Sport ships with. That will make certain the Apple Watch charger sits flush with the Pod when the aluminum cover is in place.
With a 1m Apple Watch wall charger, winding up the cable television around the base is no problem, but points are tricker with the longer 2m cable. With the longer cord, it should be wound very snugly or the light weight aluminum cover will not suit effectively. Therefore, I would certainly advise using this with a 1m Apple Watch wall charger. With either variety, 1m or 2m, setting up the Capsule is a great deal easier than the various other battery-equipped Apple Watch dock I assessed, the Boostcase Bloc. Because established is fairly easy, it’s likewise not that much of a trouble to take the Apple Watch battery charger out when necessary.
Once the cable is wound up, the light weight aluminum leading piece of the Shell fits over the lower part, concealing the cable from view for a neat, tidy look. The cover breaks right into location magnetically with two magnets, so it’s not going to split up in a knapsack, and near the bottom, there’s a rubber pad to hold it in position on a desk.
Due to the shape of the Skin, it’s just going to work well with open-loop bands like the Apple Watch Sporting activity. It’s possible to utilize it with closed-loop bands like the Milanese Loop, but why invest the cash on a stand that’s visiting need it to be opened up level when there are so lots of others on the market? For many customers, the headache of needing to completely open a closed-loop band to utilize with the Pod isn’t visiting be worth it.
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The Capsule is not compatible with Night table Method in iOS 9 since the Apple Watch should be flat to bill. That’s going to be a deal breaker for some individuals, however not everybody is going to wish to make use of Night table Mode.
For charging, the Apple Watch sits atop the Vessel, with the lower associated the embedded Apple Watch wall charger. It’s basic to put the Apple Watch in the right position, and with the foam insert, my stainless steel Apple Watch had no worry asking for on the Pod.

Battery Life

The Hull has an 1,800 mAh battery constructed in, which Nomad markets as enough time to ‘survive a vacation.’ That seemed about right in my testing. With the 38mm Apple See with a 205mAh battery, I obtained merely over 3 complete fees both times that I examined the Capsule with a fully-charged Covering and an Apple Watch that had its battery drained.
The 42mm Apple Watch has a larger battery so the Shell could not provide that device a full three charges, yet a lot of us probably aren’t draining our Apple Watches completely on a day-by-day basis.
With passthrough asking for, both the Covering dock and the Apple Watch can be charged simultaneously using the abovementioned mini Nomad micro-USB dongle. The micro-USB dongle is somewhat valuable when taking a trip to ask for through a MacBook, but also for house usage, a much longer micro-USB wire would certainly have been preferable.
Without a longer micro-USB wire, there’s no way to bill the Skin while it’s positioned on a workdesk or a nightstand. It has to be eliminated from the desktop and also asked for by means of MacBook or a USB wall charger connecteded into an electrical outlet, a job that I discovered to be a problem. I utilized a self-supplied micro-USB cable so it might rest on my desk as well as I disconnected it and relocate about as required for demanding on the go.
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The Hull’s wind-up layout behaves since it conceals the Apple Watch cable television, but you’re still going to need to deal with a micro-USB cable or hassle with billing it with the included micro-USB dongle.
When billing an Apple See with the Shuck when it isn’t plugged in, it’s important making sure to press the button behind the Husk to trigger it. Without the button press, it’s not going to bill the Apple Watch, something that I found after awakening to a dead device.

Bottom Line

The ultimate portable travel battery charger for the Apple Watch is the Apple Watch charging cable all on its very own. It’s light, occupies little area, when most of us travel, we have access to something to connect it right into. That said, for somebody that commonly goes outdoor camping or takes short trips where there is no access to power, the Nomad Skin’s integrated battery will certainly maintain the Apple Watch at full power.
For a bunch of individuals, the Wanderer Hull is not going to be a far better option compared to the Apple Watch charger coupleded with a higher-capacity standalone battery pack, due to the fact that such an arrangement is a whole lot more flexible since it could be made use of to ask for other devices. For a person who really wants portability, a built-in battery, as well as doesn’t want to headache with a loosened 1m or 2m cable television, the Skin is an excellent solution.
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Having the Apple Watch cable out of view is an and also, however the Pod itself still requires to be asked for, so you’re just trading one cord for another. The Case’s micro-USB dongle is probably much less practical to utilize compared to the Apple Watch cord connected directly into a wall, yet a person that suches as the appearance of a cordless desktop computer might not mind demanding the Covering every couple of days.
I would certainly not advise the Husk for Apple Watch proprietors which use it mainly with a closed-loop band like the Milanese Loop, due to the fact that having to open the band each night as well as close it once more in the early morning is an added, unnecessary action when there are other stands and various other portable billing options available. I would certainly likewise not advise it to anybody aiming to utilize Apple’s Nightstand Mode, since it’s incompatible.

  • Built-in battery
  • Clean, cordless look
  • Solid construction
  • Simple set up
  • Portable


  • Micro-USB dongle is too short
  • Micro-USB dongle is easy to lose
  • No Nightstand Mode
  • Not easily suitable with closed-loop bands
  • 1,800 mAh battery only benefits 3 charges

How to Buy

The Skin can be bought from the Nomad website for $59.95. It’s likewise available in Best Buy retailers, yet it’s better to acquire from Nomad straight as the Skin is priced at $70 from Best Buy.