As someone that likes songs I am commonly searching for brand-new artists and tunes to love, as well as brand-new techniques of achieving this job. Twitter # music, a brand-new songs discovery service released in April, had a great deal of guarantee but eventually fell out of the limelight rather quickly. As a suggestion service, I discovered Twitter # music to be lacking in terms of how referrals were offered, as well as not offering individuals a means to provide referrals.

By contrast, # nwplyng offers a full songs sharing experience with one significant caution: Instead of piggybacking on a major social network, # nwplyng is it’s own social network. Between Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Vine and countless others to keep tabs of, is it plausible to find space for an additional social network in your life?

Striking Up the Band

In order to get access to # nwplyng you’ve to sign in with one of 3 social networks: Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare. As an enthusiastic individual of Twitter, which I’ll end up using to post my referrals at times, I’ve no problem with this requirement. Nonetheless, I know lots of people don’t care for using these big name social media services, and will instantly dismiss this app. Because # nwplyng is a social network in and of itself, it seems rather peculiar that the developers would restrict individuals that wish to do nothing even more than remain within the boundaries of the service.

No social network account, no entry.

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No social network account, no entry.

Sharing and Discovering Tunes

Once logged in, you are placed within the main view, which is marked by the # nwplyng header at the top. From here you can go to posts sent by those you follow, add remarks or like a post. Tapping the play icon found beside the artist’s name and the song title will start playback of an iTunes preview, or you can pay attention to an uncut version of the track by means of a YouTube video by tapping the banner found along the bottom of the album art/photo.

#nwplyng is beautifully designed and will fit in nicely when iOS 7 is released in the Fall.

# nwplyng is magnificently designed and will fit in perfectly when iOS 7 is released in the Fall.

To share a tune, start by tapping the # nwplyng button in the upper-right corner. From here, you can enter the name of an artist or tune in the search field, or tap the pay attention button in the upper-right to activate the songs ID feature– the same as Shazam. When the outcomes populate, you can scroll through and find the best match. When you have chosen the desired tune, your next step will be to get in a brief blurb to provide some understanding about the track, which is optional. Tap the Share button when you prepare to upload.

When you toggle a sharing social network sharing icon, it'll remain on for future shares.

When you toggle a sharing social network sharing icon, it’ll stay on for future shares.

Since # nwplyng can not upload whole tracks it offers a smart workaround by consisting of a YouTube video of the track (as pointed out earlier), which you can customize by tapping the video’s banner. This utilization of YouTube certainly finishes the job, but it would be excellent if # nwplying incorporated with Rdio and Spotify in some fashion, permitting individuals of these services to play full-length tracks. Utsav Agarwal, founder and CEO of # nwplyng’s development company, Nwplyng Private Limited, has actually specified that both services will be carried out within the following month, which should give users something to expect.

The designated YouTube video may not be a perfect choice, so make sure to verify it before sharing.

The marked YouTube video couldn’t be an ideal choice, so see to it to verify it prior to sharing.

It’s a Game, Too

The most special facet of # nwplyng is the inbuilt gamification that rewards users for their publishing task. Each user is designated a status, starting with Novice, which can be leveled up all the way to Headliner. Badges, a principle familiar to Foursquare individuals, can also be earned for carrying out certain actions (e.g. the Follower badge is earned by sharing 8 songs from the exact same artist). Just like a mayorship in Foursquare, individuals can became the manager of an artist by sharing their tracks up to a marked quantity of times. If the artist has no manager, ten shares will earn you the spot, however if a manager is currently in place you’ll need to publish even more shares to make the duty.

If you love badges and leveling up, #nwplyng will be right up your alley.

If you enjoy badges and leveling up, # nwplyng will be right up your alley.

If you’ve aspirations of uploading 10 straight shares to become manager of your favored band, you’ll find yourself controlled by the rules of game. Designated as the 12-4-1 rule– 12 tunes per day, 4 tunes per artist per day and 1 unique song daily– you’ll never be restricted by the number of tracks you can share in a day, however only 12 of those shares will count towards the game. Similarly, only 4 shares of the same artist in same day will count to your bid to become manager, and posting the exact same song two times in the same day will not net you any benefit points.

Red tabs indicate that you are not playing by the rules.

Red tabs show that you are not playing by the regulations.

Gamifying # nwplyng makes the app more functional by permitting users to take pleasure in are more self-serving experience that’ll drive them to share more songs, all in the hopes of unlocking a greater status level or making every one of the badges. The disadvantage of this principle, nonetheless, is that it opens to some users spamming their shares in a proposal to accomplish their goals. Granted, once an individual submits their 12th share for the day they’ve little reason to share more. Nevertheless, if you’re following adequate individuals that spam shares every day, you could want to reevaluate who you are following.

For the Sake of Comparison

Though my comparison to Twitter # songs only seems suitable since of its prestige, # nwplyng is in reality far more the same as Soundtracking, an app that’s been evaluated on AppStorm a few times. Both services enables users to share particular songs and artists, which are then published on a timeline that’s viewable to followers.

These basics aside, both apps deal with the principle of sharing music with vastly various viewpoints. Soundtracking offers itself on the idea of an individual sharing a “soundtrack of their lives,” while # nwplyng gamifies the songs sharing experience in manners formerly talked about. Both services excel at what they set out to complete, so it falls to you to choose which viewpoint matches you finest.

The Bottom Line

All things considered, # nwplyng is at the cusp of being an excellent service, but it still has a lot of space to expand. The biggest issue with an app of this nature is discovering people to follow that have similar tastes. Entering the app cold, just one method of finding users that are not your buddies on other social networks is provided, which is having a look at the list of individuals following the # nwplyng account that you are immediately following. Executing a trending or popular view, which would display shares from various other individuals, or being provided with following referrals after you have shared a song would would be unbelievably useful.

For a service tailored towards music discovering, # nwplyng presently doesn’t offer follow-up steps when you find a tune you such as, such as downloading it from iTunes. Agarwal did state that this feature will be executed in a future up-dates, which will correct this problem well when paired with Rdio and Spotify integration. Users that rely on availability attributes, generally VoiceOver, will be left dissatisfied with # nwplyng as most of buttons have actually not been effectively identified, which in turn makes them incomprehensible when tapped.

Whether or not you’ll make use of # nwplyng day-to-day is completely up to you, but it’s the capacity of being a service you utilize regularly. Since it’s a social network by nature you are heavily depending on other individuals to provide quality referrals, which can just occur if you’ve the ability to discover quality individuals to follow. All things considered, # nwplyng is definitely an app worthwhile of your time if you are seeking the experience it’s to provide.